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** Keep in mind, these results are NOT typical. Everyone on this page is an extraordinary person - they took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same... but if you want to go for it, we're here to help!

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One of the main reasons Feng Shui has become so popular these days is the growing number of stories about miraculous changes in people's lives after they did some simple feng shui "remedies."
Like a small pebble sending ripples across the surface of a lake, feng shui consultations can cause astounding things to happen, with very little exertion on the part of clients. Here are some of my own clients' experiences:

I had dated a variety of people but nothing serious for the last 10 years, within a short period of time after my feng shui consultation, I met a man, fell in love and are now talking about getting married! Thanks Ken!!!


Ken helped me change my bedroom into a wonderful sanctuary that all of my friends just love to sit in. In less than two months, I met a man and we are seriously committed to one another and I'm having the time of my life.


I hadn't slept a full 8 hours for over 5 months and was starting to worry about my health. Within the time it took me to start putting Ken's recommendations into place was when I experienced a full 8 hours of sleep without waking up once!

Ken Lauher's visit to my home and the resultant positive changes has been nothing less than one of the most transformative and exciting experiences I've had in a vast, adventursome, long Life. I sought his help for direction and New Beginnings.

Ken came with first aid for a low level of chi I wasn't attuned to. The energy his recommendations have brought to my home are astonishing--people comment who know absolutely nothing of Ken's visit. Personal interactions have also been favorably altered, and I am better able to manage my Self in very subtle, new and powerful ways with people I have known most of my life.

Ken's specialized rituals have brought positive changes in several important areas. I and my home are happier, and more full of positive feeling and energy than I remember in a long time. Peace and comfort abound. These incredible changes all have been brought about by Ken's feng shui practices. These are clearly the most significant changes in a home I've lived in and away from for 30 years. I am preparing the house to put on the market, newly confident that I will find promising, new opportunity wherever I go.

I can't believe that Ken has stayed in touch, checking in from time to time to make certain I am following up on all that I need to. He is more valuable for me than a doctor's visit. I would not consider buying another piece of real estate without Ken's assessment. I know Ken Lauher was brought to my life for a reason and I recommend him wholeheartedly.
-- Ellen Y.

This is a great way to start anew, almost like a baptism. I have a feeling of new beginnings and have become more optimistic. I've actually started dating someone and really enjoying life right now.

Ken is very warm and has an open "karma" about him... making others feel comfortable about opening up. With his calm presence... he didn't try to force me to make changes I wasn't comfortable with. He made me feel very at ease and excited to make the changes. THANK YOU KEN!!!!!!!!

Me and my husband moved into a new house after putting all our money into renovating it, but when we moved in we didn't feel very much comfortable and we didn't know why. I called Ken for HELP and I’m happy to say that with his advises and tips he helped us very much to come to love our house, we are still working on our house, following ken advises, but the bad vibe is gone and we love our house everyday more and more. We will definitely invite ken to us again, soon.
-- Moreen D.
Brooklyn, NY

I have lived in my house for about four years and it never felt much like my home. It was more like a place to hang out and sleep. Ken helped me to tranform my house into a home by suggesting changes to help the energy flow and to help give my home a personal touch.

My house now feels like a home with lots of peace and serenity thanks to many of Ken's ideas. The investment I made in Ken's HELP will pay dividends for many years to come. He also taught me some Feng Shui principles that will be with me for a lifetime. Thanks Ken. Keep up the great work.
-- Roy K.
Toms River, NJ

"WHAT MY EXPERIENCE HAS MEANT TO ME" (The wisdom of Al Arnold) As with any journey you cannot depart and arrive at different locations at identical times. Sharing my life's journey starting from the time of birth to present would entail writing a book, possibly several volumes. Besides, I don't think that your interest is in reading me brag nor should it be. "A way of life, glowing while flowing with life's current. Now! Capable of correcting and setting straight the various mishaps and misfortunes that have plaqued you through-out your life, personal, business as well as career. Even though you are not hearing me, please allow me to state that: "from day one upon Ken Lauher entering into my life and introducing me and my family to the art of "FENG SHUI" our lives have not been the same".

Our home has been a constant improvement and renewal of hope for the future. Business venture's that were believed to be doomed have now taken on new life and show great potential. New ventures have also emerged that are very promising.

What turned things around? Before I address that question allow me to pass on a little "old time wisdom". I was taught many years ago "never cast pearls before the feet of a swine (little piggy)", Definition: It's useless to give something of value to anyone who cannot appreciate, care or respect. The fact that you are reading this testimony I can assume that you are not a swine. Do you have respect?,I certainly hope so. Can or will you appreciate? After what you have gone through, I think so. But we'll have to wait and see. My belief is that if you take the pearl that I'm casting at your feet, I am confident that we will be reading your testimony along with many others.

Now Listen up!! "FENG SHUI", is no joke and "MASTER KEN LAUHER" is no jokester!! That's it! you got it. That's my gift to you. "Use the pearl wisely".
-- Al Arnold
Bay Shore, NY

Ken enabled me to live my dreams! I was having a difficult time, my wife and I were taking a break from each other. Within weeks after my consultation and guidance from Ken, my wife and I got back together, just moved into a fabulous new home and are happier than we've ever been.


"I called Ken because I was frustrated with my life!"

"I hated my job, isolated myself from my friends because of a broken heart and was severely depressed. After Ken came to my apartment, provided me with a consultation and did the space cleansing, I immediately felt a difference in the space and personally felt much lighter and more positive.

People would come over and remark how much they enjoyed my space and how comfortable it was. They didn't want to leave. A short while later I found a better job and started socializing again. Ken was and continues to be a big help in my life. I also like the fact that he really cares about his clients and he's always there for you with tips and advice.

If you're looking for the Best Feng Shui Consultant who really helps, I recommend Ken highly, he's the best. Thanks Ken!"

- Anonymous
Brooklyn, NY

Immediately, I felt a more positive feeling in the house. I was feeling like a stranger in my own home but the changes have really helped me to feel like the house is really "mine" and have increased my positive feelings towards it. I am definitely feeling calmer and more relaxed. Learning to smile was definitely one of the most valuable things I learned as well as knowing that choosing things that make me happy or relaxed can really change my outlook and life. Thanks Ken for what you do - it truly helps people!

Feng Shui for WealthSuch stories are practically commonplace in feng shui circles, but the one thing that grabs everyone's attention is when people talk about making money using feng shui. For example:

Within two weeks of my feng shui consultation with Ken, I received a raise at work and felt more in control of my career and the incoming opportunities.

Within 10 days after my feng shui consultation, I received a new job offer for $25,000 more doing the exact same thing.

"One Of The Best Investments I've Made!"My space felt lighter and more energetic once Ken had been there. The following day I received a check in the mail for a credit to an account that I was unaware of, the 2nd day I received notice that I would inherit $24,000 and the 3rd day I closed a huge deal that had been idle for 6 months.

In that same week, I met a man who just happened to be worth $200 million and we really hit it off. And the one thing I didn't expect was that I didn't need to take my arthritis medicine since the consultation, which has been wonderful. I am a true believer in Ken and his talents.

- VP Real Estate Broker
(Million Dollar Producer)
New York, NY

I've made significant changes to the office based on your recommendations and what a difference it has made. The space feels more lively and in balance. And I just got a new client that I've been wanting for a while now and has provided us with a couple of deals. I think this Feng Shui is pretty good stuff!

I was seeking help with my real estate business and career, I had not closed a deal in 6 months and was wondering if I should start thinking about another career choice. I enlisted Ken's help and the next day I got an offer on a house. Truly amazing!!!

I used to feel a presence in my bedroom 2 or 3 times a week. I always thought it was my ex-husband who had committed suicide. I've since remarried and have tried to move forward in my life. Since Ken has been to my home, I haven't felt the presence since. Thank you Ken!

(*The performance experienced is not what you should expect to experience)


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