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3 Things to Make You Happier Right Now

happy you resized 600Do you want to be happier? If you've come to this blog, I'm going to take a guess and say that you want to change some part of your life.

To make more money, improve your career, find a better relationship. And what all these things come back to, ultimately, is the pursuit of happiness. The end result we seek is to be happier.

If you're waiting for some event to take place and then you'll be happy, that's approaching it backwards.

Here are three things happy people do, every day, regardless of their outside circumstances.

1. Stop living a “when” life.

It goes like this: “When I lose 10 lbs. I'll buy those new jeans, go out more, and finally be happy.” “I'll be happier when I find a new job that I love.” “I'll be happy when I finally [fill in your own goal here.]”

Whether these goals are attainable based on your current path, or if they're a bit of a stretch if you keep doing things they way you've always done them, constantly striving is not the way to ultimate happiness.

Think about this: What's stopping you from being happy now? What if you decided to be happy in spite of being a size 10 instead of a size 6? What if you decided to show gratitude for the things you like in your current job, while you polish off your resume and scan your LinkedIn connections for possible new job leads?

When we send positive energy out to the Universe, we receive more of the same. If we send out energetic waves of happiness through our thoughts and actions, we begin attracting more things that will make us happen. For the most successful people amongst us, happiness comes first.

2. Spend more time doing things you love.

It seems so obvious when you think about it. When you spend time doing things that make you happy, you will be happy. And that happiness feeling lasts long after the activity is over. Too often, we fill our lives with to-do lists of tedium. Things we must get done, commitments we must keep, without thinking about what brings us joy. Schedule one hour in every day to do at least one fun thing, something you really enjoy. Replace one activity you hate with this activity.

Schedule the time, otherwise you won't make the time to do it and the hour will get wasted by other tasks.

What type of fun thing? Maybe it's taking a walk through the park. Maybe a phone call with an old friend. Playing with your kids. Reading. Most importantly, make sure it's something you really enjoy, not something you believe you should enjoy because society or your friends or your family say it's “fun.”

After you've made this one small change, begin to design your life for happiness. Slowly replace activities you don't enjoy, that don't bring you closer to your goals, with activities you enjoy. This doesn't mean you start living a life of leisure. It means find things that bring you fulfillment while moving you closer to your goals. One day, you'll realize you created your own happiness.

3. Abandon guilt over your own success and happiness.

So, you've taken great strides toward being happier, but something is nagging at you, holding you back from complete happiness.

Many people let guilt overshadow their gratitude for the things they have. Everything you have, from material items, your home, to happiness, the perfect job and a loving mate, you created in your life. You attracted these things to you, through hard work, intention, and aligning your energy to attract the things you really want in life. You deserve it, so there's no reason to feel guilty for having it.

Of course, having so much abundance in your life means it's even easier to help others. You can find even greater happiness in charitable acts when you know there is enough in the Universe to go around. There's no better way to share happiness and abundance than by achieving it yourself and then passing those gifts on to others.

Would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts about what you do to make you happy in the comments below. And thank you, as always, for reading, sharing and inspiring.

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