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How To Feng Shui Your Work Relationships

describe the imageIf you hold a job or run a company, chances are very good that you work with other people. And, for better or worse, your relationships with those people can make or break your success.

This is true even if you own the business, or if you work from home ... you still have clients, vendors or distributors you need to deal with in a positive way to achieve the results you want.

Fortunately, there are Feng Shui principles you can follow to improve your work relationships and enhance your career success.

Use the Feng Shui Ba Gua to Your Advantage

Three Feng Shui Ba gua trigrams can relate directly to career success: the wealth trigram, in the back left corner of your office when you're standing at the front door looking in; the career trigram, which is the center front wall (most frequently, the place where the door is located); and the helpful people trigram, which is in the front right section of the room if you're standing at the door looking in.

Use one of the nine most common Feng Shui solutions to empower these areas of the room. Plants, water elements, wind chimes or photographs are the most common Feng Shui cures for an office space, since we're limited in what we can do in most offices. You might also add a light to the wealth trigram or a beautiful lighted fountain with running water. This will create a sense of calm and peace in your office that can help your co-workers and superiors feel at ease when they enter your office and speak to you, making it easier to get things done.  

You can also lay the Feng Shui Ba Gua over your desk and activate those trigrams in similar ways. Consider fresh cut flowers on your desk to make the area inviting and empower specific areas of the Feng Shui Ba Gua, but make sure to replace the flowers as they begin to wilt.

Use Color to Create Smooth Relationships

If your office space is painted yellow, orange or red, any of the colors representing the fire element in Feng Shui, this can lead to adversarial relationships at work. If you don't have a choice in the color scheme, hang art work in soothing colors, perhaps waterscapes, to create more peaceful, cooperative relationships.

Additionally, you can dress in colors like black, blue and green to project intelligence, enhance your own concentration and help others to focus on you when you speak, and to come across as more convincing in negotiations.

Make Your Office Welcoming

Make sure the path from the door to your desk is clear of clutter and welcoming. Consider using one or two comfortable chairs to welcome guests. These should be at a slight angle to your desk, not directly in front of it, as chairs facing each other in an office, just as in a living room, can create opposition, disagreements and strained relationships.

Consider all the senses when you decorate your office. Avoid heavy perfumes or scented candles as these may offend or disturb some people, but make sure your office has a light, pleasing scent, perhaps by means of an air freshener tucked in a drawer or a room spray, spritzed very lightly in the morning. The scent should be subtle.

If it's permitted and not distracting to you when you work,stream music or play your iPod through your computer speakers at very low levels.

Finally, include a crystal bowl of candy or even a healthier choice, like almonds, on your desk and invite colleagues to snack.

Desk Placement for Career Success and Increased Income

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know how to place your desk in the command position for career success, so that your back is not to the door, you can see the door from your desk, but your desk is not directly in line with the door.

Did you also know that the placement of your desk in relation to your boss or supervisor's desk can also affect your work relationships and, as a result, your success? You should not face your boss directly, even if there are walls between your desks. In other words, if your desk is facing one way, and your boss's desk is across the building, directly parallel to and facing yours, this can lead to a confrontational relationship.

It's better to have a boss at your back, which indicates a supportive relationship, and, ideally, your boss's desk will not be directly in line with yours.

In today's competitive economy, every advantage you can give yourself in the workplace will enhance your success, and also make you happier as you enjoy a more productive career. Feng Shui can help.

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