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Feng Shui House Selling Tips: Use Feng Shui To Sell Your House Quickly

Feng Shui To Sell House FastUsing Feng Shui to sell your house or home fast and quickly can improve the rate at which you sell your home and for the price.
Many Feng Shui their homes before they place them on the market to gain an advantage in the marketplace to sell their home and to attract home buyers.
And today's sellers need every advantage in the marketplace to sell their home.

You can use these Feng Shui house selling tips to raise the energy and emotional value of your home -- make it more desirable so buyers will be willing to pay your asking price -- and sell your home faster.

1. Make rooms more visually appealing.

Empty, sparse space, especially on horizontal surfaces, helps a buyer visualize their own items in the house and makes rooms feel bigger. Activate the corner of the room diagonal to the door of that room with a focal point object. You'll be drawing positive energy to either the wealth or romance corner of the room, giving prospective buyers a good feeling, while also making the space look larger.

2. Appeal to the sense of sound.

Make your home come alive with the sound of music. Choose something meditative and upbeat that will appeal to nearly everyone. You might also play nature sounds or the sound of running water. You can even place a fountain in the wealth corner for natural water sounds that will make buyers feel at peace and “at home.”

3. The scent of home.

Some home stagers recommend making your home smell like cookies baking or fresh apple pie. But Feng Shui principles state that scents based on earth elements actually appeal to more people. If you're baking, add some cinnamon to that apple pie (or burn real cinnamon-scented Himalayan incense.) During the holiday season, the scent of pine is easy to achieve with a real Christmas tree, a wreath, or scented candles or incense.

4. Tasty treats for guests.

In Feng Shui, chocolate is considered good luck for home sales. Keep some 80 or 90 percent pure dark chocolate in a crystal bowl near your entrance and offer a piece to guests. When you have a buyer close to making the decision, gift them with a similar crystal bowl filled with chocolate for good luck in their new home and to help the transition go more smoothly.

5. Does it feel like home (to someone else)?

Clearing out or packing up as many of your own belongings as possible helps  prospective owners visualize the house as their own. It will also make moving day easier for you. Start by clearing clutter and getting rid of things you don't need by following these clutter busting Feng Shui tips. Then put extra furniture and items you won't be using in to storage in preparation for the move.

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