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Feng Shui Relationship: 5 Signs You've Found True Love

feng shui relationship love resized 600Many women come to me to learn how to use Feng Shui to find a boyfriend or create true love in their lives. But what if you're already in a relationship and you're not sure if he's “the one?”

Here are five signs that you just may be in the right relationship... that it's a healthy, grown-up romance based on mutual respect. No blog post can tell you if you've found true love. You have to look in your heart for that. But if your relationship meets these criteria, you are probably on the right track.

1. You discuss everything -- from future plans to current concerns, all the way down to where to have dinner -- openly and honestly. When you feel comfortable communicating with someone, nearly any other obstacle is surmountable. Partners in a healthy relationship talk things out.

2. You both understand how important it is to make time for other people and interests. - Most women have one of those friends who vanishes the second she starts a new relationship. That was (almost) acceptable in high school. But you're a grown-up now. Being in a relationship doesn't mean losing yourself. When you first fall in love, it's normal to want to spend a lot of time with that person. Make a concerted effort, especially in the first few months, to establish relationship habits that include outside interests and friends.

3. You refuse to disagree in public. - Partners in a healthy relationship often disagree. That's okay, because disagreements give you the opportunity to find a middle ground, a compromise that works for both of you, or maybe even bring your partner around to your way of thinking. But you're not going to disagree about the big stuff in front of other people. It's disrespectful to each other and makes the people around you uncomfortable.

4. You expect the best from your relationship. - When we focus our intention on a happy outcome, the energy of the Universe aligns to help provide that outcome. In a happy relationship, you don't have your “escape plan” in the back of your mind. While it's okay (and even advisable) to keep your own savings account and know how to live independently, you don't want to focus on your contingency plan “if this relationship doesn't work out.” On some level, it will keep you from giving your “all” to your romance.

5. You always want the best for the other person. - Often, you'll hear about the success of a friend or acquaintance and, while you're happy for them, you're secretly a bit jealous or resentful. “Why did she get the promotion instead of me?” In a healthy romantic partnership, though, what's good for you is good for the other person. It's okay to let your competitive side show on the tennis court, but when it comes to real life, you should view your partner's success as your own -- and vice versa.

What else would you add to the list? Share it in the comments below as we would all love to hear from you.

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