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Feng Shui Your Massage Room & Spa

Massage room decorating feng shuiWhether you're opening your own massage studio or creating a massage room to help others, it's important to look at the Feng Shui of the space. 

What Is the Perfect Massage Studio or Massage Room?
A massage studio or room is a place where you can go to relax, meditate and reconnect with your true self, leaving refreshed, energized and ready to achieve your goals.

A spa can be a place you go for a day or even week. Or, it can be a place where you visit for an hour-long beauty treatment. By either definition, the Feng Shui principles remain the same.


Weaving a Feng Shui Narrative

The most important Feng Shui aspect of a massage studio is the story it tells. Even the experience of getting to a massage studio should be a positive one, perhaps on picturesque paths or even through a quaint city neighborhood filled with brownstone architecture. Getting to the massage studio or massage room  should not be stressful. 

Once there, the entryway should be wide open and inviting, following the standard Feng Shui guidelines for an entrance. 

As guests step deeper in to the treatments or meditation, they should feel immersed in the experience, gradually leaving the world behind. Certain rooms may evoke different emotions of high energy, relaxation or deep thought. The artwork, color schemes and architectural elements in the room should all support the desired emotion.

Creating A Relaxing Space with Color

The best colors for a massage studio are often serene pastels such as greens, blues and earth tones, but these can be accented with brighter colors for an energizing effect.

Consider using one of the Feng Shui elemental color schemes for added fortune as a massage studio owner; your guests will also feel the positive effects.

Follow Your Intuition When You Choose a Feng Shui Massage Studio or Spa

A massage studio or spa is a great way to re-charge your batteries, re-connect with nature, and find the peace and quiet to discover your true self.

Pay close attention to the way a space feels as you enter; not every space has energy that fits every person. Even if a space is the most popular hot-spot in town, if it doesn't make you, personally, feel good, then spend your money elsewhere.

Trust your instincts to find a place you can escape and discover the path to living your best, authentic life.

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