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Feng Shui Your Retail Store and Business

feng shui retail businessFeng Shui your retail store, shop, space or business to improve the way your customers experience your products and services.

With good Feng Shui in your retail store, you'll impact your sales, revenues and business profits as well as creating a positive experience where customers come back.

Anyone who owns a business, or has ever worked in sales or even customer service, understands how important it is to know your customers. We often use the phrase, “speaking the same language,” which comes down to understanding what motivates people to buy and using language they can relate to.

However, when you're talking about high-end luxury items in top tourist cities like New York, many store owners take the expression literally.

According to the New York Times, luxury brands in New York City are bringing in Mandarin-speaking sales staff and taking extra steps to make wealthy Chinese tourists feel comfortable -- “at home,” if you will -- in their stores.

The article reports that nearly 1.1 million Chinese visited the U.S. last year, making them one of the fastest-growing tourist groups according to Commerce Department statistics. Because the Chinese luxury tax is so high, visitors often spend time in cities like New York to make specific high-end purchases.

Tiffany, Montblanc and Burberry have all added Mandarin speaking sales staff to its flagship stores and high-end retailers are marketing heavily to Chinese tourists. What's the next step?

In China, the art and science of Feng Shui is ubiquitous. Architects work hand in hand with Feng Shui consultants and businesses rarely open without knowing the building and its layout is designed to attract good fortune.

Creating a space where Chinese visitors feel welcome may include more than just speaking their language and providing products that appeal; creating a Feng Shui retail space can help Chinese visitors feel at home, encouraging sales.

We all do business in a global economy. It's inevitable that East meets West, and there's no reason we can't learn from each other. While Chinese tourists enjoy the best of what American retailers have to offer, store owners can adopt practices that encourage sales and help create a feeling of ease and greater happiness for all your visitors, wherever they come from.
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