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Feng Shui Landscape Design: What It Says About Your Life

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Have you been enjoying the summer in your own backyard oasis? Look around. With the backyard patio (or even a city rooftop) becoming an extra room for many families this year, it's important to think about how this space reflects what's going on in your life, and what changes or additions you can make in order to bring your backyard oasis into alignment with your goals.

Let's look at a few common outdoor elements and consider what they mean in Feng Shui.

1. Sculpted rocks as part of your patio design - Rocks are symbols of steadfastness, and can represent a sense of permanence. You may be expecting to stay in this place for a long time, and may have a strong sense of family.

2. Water elements, such as fountains or reflecting pools - A water element, especially in the wealth corner of your yard or patio, may show that you are focused on increasing your income. Make sure the water is clean and flowing to make the most of this Feng Shui tradition.

3. Flags or banners - Swinging in the breeze, these represent a sense of freedom that may be important to you. Make sure to select a flag that reflects your taste in decor and has bright, lively images that make you feel happy and make others feel welcome.

4. Flowers and plants - These objects carry life chi and are a welcome addition to any home or yard. Select Feng Shui plants and flowers in colors that reflect and support your goals for a powerful Feng Shui experience.

5. A fire pit - A fire pit or even a pizza oven on your patio shows that a sense of community, camaraderie and friendship is important to you. Since fire is the element of fame and recognition, a fire pit will help ensure your social popularity throughout the season and also help you and others in your family achieve their career goals.

Have you created your outdoor space with intention? What do the objects in your yard say about your goals? Are they a true reflection of who you want to be and what you want in life?

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