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How to Use the Feng Shui Ba Gua Map in Your Bedroom

The Feng Shui Ba Gua map is one of the keys to gain insight into  your bedroom or areas of your home and shows how each area of your home  corresponds to a specific aspect of your life.
bagua map bedroom feng shui

You can lay out the Feng Shui Ba Gua over your entire property, your whole house, or a single room. Since the master bedroom is one of the three most important areas in a home, I'm going to explain exactly how to map your master bedroom using Feng Shui.

bagua map bedroom floor plan house feng shui

Some Feng Shui experts will tell you that you need to use a special Feng Shui compass and know the exact direction your home is facing in order to do Feng Shui properly. But my clients and myself all have success with a style of Feng Shui that does not use compass directions at all. This makes it very easy to apply Feng Shui in your home or apartment, and places the emphasis on your goals and intentions, rather than confusing technical details.

Drawing the Feng Shui Ba Gua Map

First, sketch a layout of your bedroom, including the door to the bedroom. Then, lay a grid of three rows and three columns (a tic-tac-toe board) over the entire room.

Label the boxes, starting from the top, from left to right, in this way:

Wealth, Fame & Recognition, Relationships & Romance
Family, Health, Children
Knowledge, Career, Travel & Helpful People

Even if the room is irregularly shaped, the Ba Gua map should still be a grid. You may have extensions or missing pieces to the room. You can read more about how to identify these areas, and how to deal with them, in this post about the Feng Shui Ba Gua.

What Do You Do with the Feng Shui Ba Gua?

Take a look at the nine squares, and determine which areas of your life need your focus right now. What are your goals? It's not advisable to try to activate every corner of your room, as you'll wind up with many objects cluttering the space and competing for attention. Instead, identify one or two aspects of your life you'd like to improve, and then take the appropriate action in that space.

Here are some ideas of items you can use to improve specific areas of your life, as they correspond to the Feng Shui ba gua.

Wealth - Consider placing a living plant in this corner, as it brings nature from the outside indoors, creating a rejuvenative and restful sleep and can activate the area to attract income.

Fame/Reputation - If appropriate, a red pillow or painting that is predominantly red might work well in this area. Red in the master bedroom is not only good for passion, but it will encourage fame and recognition in all areas of your life.

Romance/Relationships - Any set of objects in two, such as paintings, candle holders or any symbol of romance, can help decorate this corner and amplify your intention for a strong relationship.

Family - While family photos might be used in this trigram in other areas of your home or apartment, you should not place them in the master bedroom. Instead, a live plant or light can help activate this area of the bedroom.

Health - This trigram is considered the central palace of a home or apartment. In a master bedroom, you might consider making sure this area in the center of the room is kept neat and uncluttered so chi can flow.

Children - Metal objects correspond to this area of the ba gua. You may also consider white or purple flowers for fertility, if that's your goal.

Knowledge - Avoid keeping books, computer equipment or anything that reminds you of work or study in the master bedroom. Instead, consider a live plant or something in the colors of green or black to support your pursuit of knowledge.

Career - If your bedroom door is located in this trigram, which it often is, make sure the door can open a full 90 degrees. A Feng Shui crystal or prism hanging from the door, high enough so that no one can hit their head on it and located so that the sun from a window reflects off it, can bring good fortune and career opportunities.

Helpful People/Travel - This is a great space to store your luggage, or place mementos of vacations you've taken with your partner here.

Remember, Feng Shui works due to a combination of action and intention. As you apply these Feng Shui principles to your master bedroom, keep your ultimate goals in mind and use these tools to help align the energy in your home with those goals.

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