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5 Feng Shui Office Tips for Choosing New Office Space

Feng Shui Office BuildingIn Feng Shui, a new office space for a business can impact the productivity, clarity, and overall business success for the office.

Selecting an office space or building that favors good Feng Shui  building will enhance your opportunities and revenues while reducing mistakes and employee turnover.

When you're choosing office space to launch a new business or to relocate, it can be a daunting prospect. 

A lot of factors come in to play, including your budget, the location of top talent for your industry, the cost-of-living, average salaries in the area and, of course, the business itself.

Feng Shui consultant can help because he knows what to look for in terms of positive energy (chi), building features that will enhance your opportunities, and can potentially help you avoid making costly mistakes when you select an office location.

These five Feng Shui office or business tips can get you started on the right path.

1 - Choose a thriving area.

It might sound exciting to enter a newly developed district in the hopes of helping it grow, but it's better to set up shop in an established location, where businesses have thrived for years.

This has something to do with common sense business, and a lot to do with the overall energy (chi) in an area. If the chi is good, businesses will thrive. Don't you want to be a part of that?

2 - Pay close attention to the windows, as they can affect your wealth.

Reflective windows will deflect wealth away from your office -- definitely not what you want as a business person. Similarly, floor-to-ceiling windows may encourage wealth to leak out.

3 - Consider the surroundings, including other buildings.

A building that is dwarfed by skyscrapers surrounding it may suffer misfortune and face many obstacles to success. Likewise, your idea location should not be close to a cemetery, a hospital, or a power plant, or overlooking a bridge. Select a location where traffic flows toward your business, not away from it. (Even if you don't deal with the public from your office space, this is good Feng Shui.)

4 -Look for Feng Shui features.

A fountain in front of the building or in the lobby increases opportunities and wealth. But an office space constructed over a parking garage may actually bring misfortune. Most importantly, look for a spacious, well-lit entryway opening on to a friendly and welcoming foyer or reception area to maximize the opportunities your business will receive.

5 - Know your building's history.

Even in successful areas, there is often that one office building or retail location that has a high turnover rate of tenants and its residents always seem to go out of business. Find out who was in the space before you, why they left, and whether they were successful in the building.

Of course, a failed business can be attributed to a number of factors besides the location, but if you discover a string of deaths, bankruptcies or misfortunes that have happened to the building's inhabitants, look elsewhere for a new office space. The life energy in that space does not support success.

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