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Feng Shui Influences Decisions as Chinese Move to Luxury New York City Apartments

feng shui nyc apartments resized 600Manhattan has become the second home to scores of wealthy Chinese purchasing New York City luxury apartments as a dwelling first, and an investment second.

Some of these immigrants are selecting the apartments and condos for themselves, while others are selecting them for children attending college in New York City.

Surprisingly to many New Yorkers, one of the draws to the city is the lower prices. The New York Times reports that luxury apartments run about $1,500 per square foot in New York, while comparable spaces are $3,600/square foot in London, $2,000/square foot in Hong Kong, and as high as $4,300 in Monaco.

Asians also like the quality of life New York City offers, with better work hours and a better work/life balance.

Feng Shui and New York Real Estate

With the influx of an Asian population to New York, real estate agents and developers are discovering that Feng Shui has become a consideration. For instance, Chinese apartment-hunters do not want a home on the fourth floor, but gravitate toward the eighth floor, a number that represents good luck and prosperity.

Other Feng Shui considerations in New York City apartments include a wide open front entrance and lots of natural light. Buyers are looking for apartments and condos with high-end design elements, high quality finishes and superior aesthetics. It's about creating a luxury experience in the home to welcome positive chi and even greater wealth and prosperity.

Buying a Home or Apartment?

When you're selecting a new home or apartment, giving consideration to Feng Shui principles can help you create the experience you want in your new living space. A Feng Shui consultant who understands aesthetics and city living can help you find the space that supports you in your goals to live a better life.

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