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Feng Shui Your Business And Office: 7 Ways to Make Your Employees More Productive Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui Office BusinessIn Feng Shui, business owners can improve the levels of focus, productivity, prosperity and success using simple Feng Shui office principles.

Successful business owners know that their most important resource is their human resources -- the people who make their company what it is.

These seven Feng Shui tips include clutter, noise, colors, layout, photos, paintings, art and more.

By taking steps to make your employees more comfortable, they will also be more productive.

These seven tips are good Feng Shui for business owners, but they are also good business sense.

1. Clear clutter. 

Clutter, at home or in the office, distracts us from achieving our goals. Provide in-boxes, out-boxes, tiered folders or any other file management system that works for your employees -- or permit them to bring in their own. Make sure employees keep the area under their feet clear. Make sure the pathway from doors to desk is clear so that chi can flow.

2. Keep the office space clean. 

Offices should be kept clean and uncluttered, with floors vacuumed at least weekly. Windows should be washed frequently, as dirty windows block opportunities and inhibit wealth.

3. Reduce noise pollution. 

Noise is one of the biggest disruptions in a modern office. Consider using carpeting or sound absorption materials beneath copiers and other noisy electronics, while placing these important office machines far away from where employees work. Use sound proofing in offices if voices carry and employees sound louder than they really are.

4. Make your office climate comfortable for employees. 

Temperature and humidity control not only improves employee productivity, it can lower your utility bills, as well. Programmable thermostats, zoned heating and cooling and other green technology can help create a more comfortable climate.

You can also psychologically adjust the “feel” of a space by adding more lights to a cool environment or adding red and orange accent colors. “Cool down” a warm space by using blues and greens in the decor and adding water elements.

5. Choose the best colors for your office. 

Color does not only affect the way a space feels. It can affect your employees' productivity and success. For a business that requires deep thinking and creativity, decorate in blues and purples. Yellow will energize staff and encourage creativity. To keep employees focused during routine tasks, consider painting offices green.

6. Avoid distracting art and colors.

While noise pollution a big distraction to today's workers, visual pollution also drains employees' energy. Avoid abstract art as employees will waste energy trying to analyze it, even on a subconscious level. Avoid too many bright colors in paintings, as you may energize the space too much, causing a lack of focus.

7. Create a non-toxic environment. 

Healthy employees are productive employees. The idea of a non-toxic workplace can extend from the air to the people. Avoid hiring people who are overly negative or “toxic,” just as you avoid introducing pollutants in to the air.

Keep live plants in the office to provide oxygen and absorb many common toxins. Avoid cleaners made with toxic chemicals; find a cleaning company that relies on everyday items like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice for cleaning.

The best office space should be energizing while encouraging focus, and it should be nurturing and healthy. These Feng Shui tips can help, but if you still need a hand, remember that I often work with business owners to bring their office environment in to better alignment with their company goals.

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