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Feng Shui Career: Is Your Commute Harming Your Health?

morning commute resized 600The results of the American Time Use Survey, which looked at the lifestyles of 24,861 people, shows that an hour-long commute every day might actually take years of your life.

Brown University researchers, in the Journal of Urban Health, wrote, "Spending an additional 60 min daily commuting above average is associated with a 6 percent decrease in aggregate health-related activities and spending an additional 120 min is associated with a 12 percent decrease.”

Commuting & Your Health: By the Numbers

People who spend an hour each day commuting (30 minutes to and 30 minutes from work) get:
- 30.6 percent less time for sleep
- 16.1 percent less time for exercise
- 5.8 percent less time for family meals
- 4.1 percent less time to prepare those meals
Even people who spent three hours per day commuting, however, were able to find an average of more than 100 minutes of time to watch T.V. Those who commuted shorter distances watched T.V. even more.

What's Holding You Back?

Are you using your long commute as an excuse to hold you back from the things you really want to do?

Do you want to live the life of your dreams but feel as if you don't have time to start? Maybe you don't watch a lot of T.V., but there might be other “time-wasters” in your life that could be holding you back. Surfing the Internet? Playing games on Facebook or your cell phone? What's your number one time-waster?

Imagine if people took those 100 minutes each day they spend watching T.V. (or on equally meaningless pursuits) and spent just a portion of them on healthy activities like exercise (or even exercised while watching their favorite shows), spending time with their family, or cooking healthier meals.

It's faster to order pizza or stop at the drive-through for fast food, but preparing healthy meals can become a family activity. If you give yourself enough time to savor the moment, and get children involved by letting them take part in age-appropriate tasks, cooking can be more relaxing than watching the latest reality show or a sporting event on TV. And the family tradition will be remembered long after we've all forgotten who won last season's “Dancing with the Stars.”

Setting Goals Helps Us Spend Time Wisely

If you know exactly what you want out of life, can visualize your dreams and see the road ahead of you to get you there, you're less likely to spend time on activities that won't help you achieve those goals. If you envision a happy, relaxed family life; a slim, healthy body; to advance in your career; to be closer to your children; or even to have more time for yourself, a long commute doesn't have to stand in your way.

Think about the activities you participate in every day; are they leading you toward or away from achieving your goals?

How Are You Spending Your 24 Hours?

We all get the same amount of time in a day. If your commute is longer than average, it's inevitable that time spent in your car or on a train must come from somewhere else. But you can still do the most with the time you have.

What moments will you remember years from now? Which won't matter at all? What brings you the most happiness?

Spend every minute you can doing what matters, whether you're working to improve your health, your relationships, or yourself, and you won't regret those moments doing things you don't necessarily want to do, like commuting to and from work.

Share with us more on this topic in the comments below. What is your view point? Would love to hear your thoughts and insight.

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