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Feng Shui Closet Makeover Tips to Help You Look and Feel Fantastic

Feng Shui closet makeover tips to help you Feng Shui your wardrobe and your energy to have more clarity and take more action. 

Keep in mind, how organized (or disorganized) your closets are can set the tone for your whole day.

If you can pick the perfect outfit with ease, and it emerges from the closet unwrinkled, ready-to-wear and with the right accessories standing by, you'll begin your day in a more positive mindset. It's a small thing that, 365 days a year, really adds up.

Whether you have a large walk-in or a small close in a New York City apartment, some of these 7 closet makeover tips are sure to give you better organization and more space.

1. Customize - Customized solutions, such as clear plastic bins you can stack however you like, wire drawers, or hanging canvas shelves for shoes or sweaters, give you the storage solutions you need. Double hung rods can make the most of a small space, especially if the bulk of your wardrobe is pants and shirts (rather than dresses). Best of all, these do-it-yourself customizations don't cost a lot.

2. Roll underwear - Rolling underwear in plastic bins with drawers of different sizes helps you easily sort by style or color. Plus, rolled clothing takes up less space and stays neater.

3. Select the right hangers - Fine lingerie and evening dresses should be hung on satin hangers. Hang coats on heavy wood hangers. Whatever hangers you select, make sure clothes stay on them, because there's nothing zen about shirts on the closet floor. Short on space? Select slim profile hangers which can double or triple available hanging space.

4. Store clothes the right way - In addition to getting the right hanger for each job, fold items that can stretch easily, such as t-shirts and sweaters, and stack on shelves.

5. Think outside of hangers and shelves - Hang belts, ties, and even jewelry and scarves on pegboard lining the back or sides of the closet walls. A door with pegboard on the inside adds space to a small closet. Use hooks that hang on the closet rod for bags that might lose shape if they get stuffed inside a drawer or tucked on a shelf.

6. Shoe solutions: Bins or board? - A diagonal plywood board takes up space but displays shoes conveniently and fashionably. Clear plastic bins or hanging canvas shoe shelves are good solutions for a smaller space.

7.  Color-coordinate - Once your closet is organized, you can go the next step by color-coordinating items of the same type (i.e., shirts, tank tops, skirts, pants, etc.) This gives a cohesive, professionally organized look to any closet. It's easiest to organize items in the order of the colors of a rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and then black and white. (Old Roy G. Biv!)

The biggest challenge to organize is having items with no set space. Keeping an uncluttered home is really easy. Create a place for everything and, when you're done using it, the item goes back in that place. This is especially true for closets.

You'll reduce the amount of time you spend putting away laundry, because it will be a no-brainer every time. You'll also reduce morning stress. You might even spend less money because you'll know exactly what you have to wear; you won't fight those “nothing-to-wear-blues” that lead to shopping sprees.

You might not believe that an organized closet can change your life, but you'll see that it can.

I have more tips to Feng Shui your closets in the June 1 edition of OMTimes.

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