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7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Hot Summer Love

feng shui bedroom romance resized 600Whether you're looking for your true love or want to heat up your summer with more romance in your bedroom, these inspiring decorating tips can give your bedroom that peaceful yet romantic ambiance it needs to invite true love.

1. Make the most of a small space - Consider mounting lights, nightstands or shelves on the walls to make the most of your space. Just don't hang them over the bed, where they could disturb your sleep and create a sense of pressure, or even headaches.

2. Get creative with quilts and bedspreads. - Have a quilt you love? Hang it on the wall for a great splash of color and decoration, then tie in the look with coordinating solid bed linens. Or choose a patterned bedspread or quilt against solid walls to brighten up a room and add some excitement.

3. Choose patterns - On the bedspread, walls, lamps or pillows, patterns add pizzazz to spice up your space. Even mis-matched patterns, such as stripes and floral, can work as long as there's consistency in the colors or style.

4. Get comfy - Consider a down, especially eiderdown, comforter, especially if you like to crank up the air conditioner and snuggle in the summertime. Add plenty of throw pillows to the bed for a cozy feel.

5. Don't forget your feet - Thick, soft comfortable rugs by the side of the bed, especially if you have hardwood floors in the bedroom, soften the room and make waking up more welcoming.

6. Add warmth by layering favorite colors or selecting a neutral palette. - The best Feng Shui colors for a bedroom are flesh tones: beiges, light browns or pale pinks. Sticking to various shades of these colors adds warmth, and you can add a spark of surprise by dressing it up with bold accents. If you especially like a color such as blue or green, layer the room in different shades of that color. Then add red or pink coordinating accents to give the room some pop.

7. Try some role-playing - Add some spice in the bedroom by reinventing furniture in new ways. (What were you thinking?) For instance, a classic wooden bench can act as a nightstand, or a rocking chair can be re-purposed as a planter. Nearly any piece of furniture can serve a different purpose with some creativity and perhaps a fresh coat of paint.

In the comments below, please share your own tips about how you make your bedroom fun and sexy or let me know what specific tip from above is going to help you the most.

I’m really excited to hear your feedback here and, as always, thank you in advance for contributing your true self to the conversation!

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