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Cut Clutter with Meaningful Photographs

cleaning clutterThe phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has a deeper meaning when you're cutting clutter from your home. A picture can be worth a thousand trinkets from departed loved ones, artwork from your kindergartner (who graduated college last year), and even creations you've made yourself.

It's time to stop making excuses and start clearing the clutter so you can begin to enjoy the items you have that you truly love. Can't bear to part with an item? Take a picture of it, then write a sentence or two about what it means to you. Frame it, and hang it somewhere that you can really enjoy it.

Too many photos? Create a photo book (or several) and include a paragraph of what each item means to you. You can do this easily online or do it all by hand.

If you feel like you don't have time to even take that step, you may want to evaluate what these items really mean to you. Will you miss them? They could be sapping your energy, and they're definitely taking up space -- space you could use to pursue your true purpose and begin living your best life, the life of your dreams.

Here are three categories of items that many people are guilty of hanging on to, either out of a sense of obligation, sentimentality or, well, guilt. How many of these items are taking up space in your home? What could you do with the space otherwise? How could you use it to improve your life?

1. Items passed on from parents or grandparents.

Did you ever think, maybe, your mom gave you that awful vase just to get it out of her own house, guilt-free? When parents pass away, children tend to revere every item they left behind -- even if the items had very little value during the parents' life. That's not to say certain items aren't very sentimental, though. If specific items have significance to you, take a photo, write a short note about what the item means, and then donate the item to goodwill or a thrift store, where the item's usefulness can live on with others who need it and will enjoy it.

2. Clothing that doesn't fit you anymore and clothing that you expect will “come back in style.”

While fashion trends do come and go, rarely are today's styles exactly the same as those from decades ago. If an outfit brings back certain memories, (like a prom dress or the clothes you wore on your first date with your husband) take a photo of it or, better yet, find a photo of yourself wearing it. Add it to your photo book, freezing this moment in time as a happy memory. Then donate the clothes to someone who can use them and will fit into them. Those 80s florescent legwarmers and matching hairbow? Better to toss them unless the local high school drama club is producing “Fame.”

3. Your children's projects.

There are certain things our children make that become fixtures in our homes and make us smile whenever we look at them. Others just add to the clutter of life. Select five meaningful or useful items from each year of school for each child and save them. Find a place to use or display them. Take photos of any others and then get rid of the originals. Your children will thank you for not passing on boxes of papers to them but, instead, handing them meaningful photo books with the stories of their childhood scrolled inside.

What items will you part with today to make more space to pursue your true life purpose and begin living your dreams?

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