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Don't Wait: How to Quit Clutter and Make Money Today!

garage sale resized 600Is half your attic or basement stuffed with cardboard boxes, all filled and neatly labeled “garage sale.” How long have they been there? If it's been more than one “yard sale season,” it's time to take action.

There's a big danger to holding on to items with the intention of getting rid of them “some day,” whether your intention is to sell them on eBay or Craig's List or to hold a yard sale. Not only are we stockpiling junk we know we don't want or need, which saps our energy and takes up space, but we tend to also save boxes to ship those items in case we decide to sell them online.

It's fine to stockpile boxes if you really are running an active eBay or Etsy store, or if you know you'll be moving within the next three months. (You'll be surprised how quickly boxes accumulate when you determine you're moving and set your intention to acquire them!) Otherwise, boxes just add to the clutter.

If you, too, have piles of items waiting for a yard sale or eBay listing, take action today. Schedule a garage sale for next Saturday, with a rain date of next Sunday. Drag all those boxes out, set prices, and sell as much as you can this weekend.

You'll be left with items that don't sell. You can list a “curb alert” on Craig's List, and people will come to scour through the junk pile at your curb to take what they want. The next morning, take what's left and put it in a big black garbage bag for pick-up. If the idea of having strangers coming to your home and picking through your garbage doesn't appeal, pack everything up and donate it to Goodwill or a Thrift store first thing Monday.

Selling items on eBay or Craig's List takes more time. You can bring the entire lot to an eBay store, where, for a portion of your profits, experts will do it for you. Otherwise, make the commitment to open an eBay account and spend at least an hour each night listing items for sale until everything is listed. If an item doesn't sell, it's time to donate it.

By taking action today, you could end up making money. Even if you don't, you'll definitely have more space in your home or apartment, allowing the chi to flow more freely and carry other opportunities for income your way.

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