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Feng Shui Clutter: 5 More Ways to Cut the Clutter For Summer

spring cleaning summer clutter resized 600It's cleaning time and, for many people, before they can give the house a really good cleaning, they have to clear out years (or decades) of clutter. If you're in this situation, these tips will help you today!

1 - Turn a jumble of items into a collection - Do you have many semi-related objects in different areas of your house? Do perfume bottles clutter your bathroom? Do vases take up space on shelves? Books? Your children's stuffed animals? First, get rid of the ones that don't have meaning to you. Then find a decorative way to display the rest as a cohesive collection.

2 - Take a photo. There are certain items -- things passed on from loved ones, artistic creations of children, or even things that once held value and significance to us but no longer fit our home or who we are. Take a picture of these items, write a few sentences or a paragraph about their significance, and then donate or sell the items. Do it now. You'll feel a sense of relief at keeping the memories but getting rid of the items that take up valuable space.

3 - Get rid of boxes - We often save boxes -- in preparation of a move, for storage, to sell items on eBay, or to ship things for the holidays. Get rid of them. You will also be able to find more when you need them. If you're storing items long-term or seasonally in an attic or basement, clear plastic bins keep items better without discoloration or a risk of mislabeling, since you can see what's in the box. They also stack better and look neater.

4. Allow yourself to grieve - When a parent passes on, every item they own, no matter how insignificant during their life, becomes meaningful to us all of a sudden. Allow yourself to grieve, and then get rid of the objects. Your loved ones' memory is not stored in their “stuff.” It is in you, in your heart. Unless an item has use and value to you, right now, and you truly love it for what it is rather than what it represents, it's time to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it.

5. Think in “fives.” - If all this seems too daunting to tackle all at once, make a vow to begin by getting rid of five items in the following categories:

- children's artwork/creations
- items passed on from loved ones
- boxes
- gifts we received that we never liked or don't like any more
- clothing that doesn't fit/is out of style/rarely worn

If you take this small step, you'll have gotten rid of 25 items in just a day, and more than 100 by the end of a workweek. That's no small feat. Congratulate yourself and celebrate -- but not with a purchase that will add to the clutter.

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