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Living in the Now: Five Feng Shui Tips

Buddha face leftOne of the key tenets of Feng Shui is adjusting your environment to help you achieve your goals. When we use Feng Shui principles to adjust our home or apartment, it can help us to live in the “now,” to be more present, and to focus on the present time.

The present has two meanings: It means “right now” and “a gift.” That is because the present moment truly is a gift, and all we have in life are moments after moments.

Do you want to live them, or do you want to squander them away with worry, or spending time wishing you were doing something else, with someone else, or some place else?

If you're ready for a change in your life, read on to discover 5 Feng Shui tips that will help you live in the now, appreciate every moment, and find true happiness.

1. Turn off the “noise.” - Meditation will help you turn off your internal noise -- your doubts and that endless loop of thoughts. But, often, turning off the external noise like your iPod, TV or car radio also helps you appreciate the present moment.

2. Use breathing techniques to center your thoughts. - Taking deep breaths and focusing on the movement of your diaphragm, the intake of air into your lungs, the feel of your own breath as you exhale, centers your thoughts and brings you back to the present moment. Best of all, you can practice this technique anywhere, at any time, in just a minute or two.

3. Notice your surroundings. - One reason Feng Shui is so effective is because our environment always affects us, whether we consciously realize it or not. Low ceilings or beams over our head can weigh us down with a sense of pressure, while sitting with our back to the door can give us a sense of uneasiness. By paying attention to your surroundings -- and how they make you feel -- you can make positive Feng Shui changes that will make you happier and more productive. But you'll also find another benefit. Recognizing, and accepting, your surroundings for what they are helps bring you into the present moment.

4. Get in touch with your senses. - Just as you notice your surroundings with your eyes, engage your other senses, as well. At work, how does your keyboard feel beneath your fingertips? As you walk outside, what's the sensation of the wind against your skin? You can also use your other senses to change your mood. It's been scientifically proven that inhaling peppermint will give you a physical and emotional lift, while the scent of citrus like oranges or lemons can do the same thing.

5. Change your routine. - When we do the same things, day after day, we go on autopilot for these activities. Living on autopilot is the exact opposite of living in the moment. Make it easier to become aware of your surroundings by switching up your routine. Change your commute to work. Shop at a different grocery store. Or change your evening routine and take some time to call a best friend or play a board game with your family.

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