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Make a Good First Impression Anywhere, With Anyone

listenWhether you're looking for love, a new job, or just want to come across better in social situations or networking events, a good first impression is critical. Fortunately, there's a formula to it that all successful people follow...

I'm going to share the secrets to impress anyone within the first few minutes of meeting them.

1 - Listen more than you talk. - It's natural, when you're nervous, to ramble. As the other person speaks, you're plotting out what you'll say next rather than listening. Stop. Ask questions. Really listen to the answers, then pause and formulate a response. Make sure you're asking more questions than you are talking about yourself -- but don't make the person feel as if they're the guest on a talk show, either. Let the conversation flow naturally, and you'll impress.

2 - Listen for information you can use. - Remember relevant details: the name of a person's children, beloved pet, or the town they grew up in. Weave these details into future conversations or emails and you'll impress them with your thoughtfulness.

3 - Credit others. - Whether you're on a job interview, in a networking situation, or on a first date, be careful not to be too self-serving. It's very tempting to “blow your own horn,” in these situations in order to share your accomplishments, but take the focus away from yourself and put it on other members of your team. You'll show up as the caring, generous person you are -- someone anyone is bound to like!

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