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5 Feng Shui Tips to Add Sparkle To Your Home

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Several months ago, I wrote about a way to go from emotional stress to inner peace in minutes by finding a word that brings you joy. One of my readers, Candi, mentioned that her word is “Sparkle.” I love it! I think “sparkle” would make anyone happy. So why not add some “sparkle” around your home, which will make you happy when you see it? Here are some tips.

1 - Crystal stones - Natural gemstones like amethyst add natural sparkle, and a unique focal point, to any coffee table or bookshelf. Some people believe gemstones also have mystical healing properties. If you believe that, they can act as an anchoring object for empowerment.

2 - Glittering glassware - Whether it's freshly washed crystal or glassware with silver or gold adornments, get those glasses out of the cabinets and use them to hold fresh cut flowers. Place them on a mirrored tray for even greater impact.

3 - Sequins - A sequined quilt, blanket or throw pillow can add sparkle to a room. Just be sure not to overdo it.

4 - Mirrors can make a space look larger, and add shine to a room. Place them in behind a light to magnify the light and create real sparkle. Follow Feng Shui principles and make sure mirrors do not break up your image, and that you can see your entire face in the mirror.

5 - Chandeliers - A chandelier, with glimmering facets, adds sparkle and luxury to any dining room or living area. If you already have a chandelier but it's just not doing the trick, dust the light bulbs and then clean the glass panels with a solution of water and white vinegar to make it shine again.

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