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Cheer Up Fast! These 3 Rituals Can Change Your Day

morning waking up resized 600Do you wake up every morning saying, “Today is a beautiful day and I am grateful to be alive?” If you're like many people, your first thought is, “Where's the coffee?” or maybe even some statement of profanity as you slam the snooze button. If that sounds like you, you're ready for a change.

Here's the good news. It doesn't have to be a big change. These three small rituals, that don't cost a penny and don't even take much time out of your busy day, can make a profound impact on your day -- and your life.

1. Start with a healthy breakfast. You've heard this advice before... eating breakfast speeds up your metabolism, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, and keeps you from over-eating. These are all positive things for good health and weight loss. Studies even show that kids who eat breakfast do better on morning tests in school.

2. Savor those first sips of coffee or tea. - Kicking the caffeine habit might help in so many ways, but, if you're not ready for that, why not take the time to enjoy your morning pick-me-up. Savor the smell, feel the warm cup in your hands, and put yourself completely in the moment. Then, take a minute to remember how grateful you are for this beverage and the time to enjoy it, and, as you finish your coffee, make a list in your head of all the other things you're grateful for today.

3. Ask someone how they are -- and listen to their answer. - So often, “How are you?” is a perfunctory greeting where we don't learn anything about the person we're speaking to. Instead, when you ask this question -- whether to your neighbor, the mailman or your office receptionist -- ask it with feeling. Use their name, if this feels natural to you. (If it doesn't feel natural, you risk sounding like a telemarketer.) 

Look at their face, listen to their answer, and gauge what they really mean. If they don't sound like they're doing so well, try to make them feel better without being too pushy. A compliment can often work wonders. If the person is someone close to you, you might suggest meeting for coffee or lunch. They will either choose to open up about their problems, or you'll just help them with a happy diversion for a little while. Either way, this very human interaction is bound to make you both feel good!

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