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What One Positive Change Will Make You Happier?

happy Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, discovered that people are happiest when they have a sense of completion in everyday tasks. As a Feng Shui consultant, I see this is true for my clients. It's the small annoyances in life, the unfinished tasks that add to our stress without our even realizing it and block us from achieving our goals.

Rubin discovered that the number one change people made for a sense of completion was making their bed in the morning. (Yes, your mother was right!) Taking time to make the bed is one more ritual to start your day on a happy note. But you might also consider finishing unfinished household tasks. Here are a few ideas:

1. Tired of spending minutes every day looking for your keys, pocketbook, shoes? Hang a key hook, or set up a station in your foyer where you can neatly place your shoes, handbag, kids' backpacks and everything else you need for a smooth morning. Just make sure it's not preventing your door from opening a full 90 degrees.

2. Change burnt-out lightbulbs. - Not only will you add more positive energy into your home, you'll get rid of one annoyance in your life, one nagging task you keep thinking you need to do.

3. Change one behavior you hate. - Are you always five minutes late for appointments? Do you get annoyed in traffic? Do you procrastinate? Find the one habit that you believe is holding you back, one thing about yourself that makes you unhappy, and focus on changing it. It takes at least 30 days to drop an old habit and have a new one take hold, so give yourself time.

4. Finish a home project you've been putting off. - Did you paint a room but forget to re-hang the molding? Still have the EnergyStar label on your new window? It's time to finish the task for good, so you can begin enjoy the positive effects of a change and move on to the next improvement.

5. Put those photos in albums, photo boxes or frames. - If you print digital images (or have photos from the days of film) and let them lie around in piles, it's time to do something with them instead of just thinking about it. Take a pile and put them in a pretty photo box you can place on a bookshelf, or treat yourself to nice frames and hang them up. Or, get creative and put them on a corkboard in your home office, that way you can swap them frequently.

Now, think about it -- what one nagging chore causes you stress every time you see it? Isn't it time to get it done?

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