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5 Easy Ways to Share the Wealth

payingthecheck resized 600Are you enjoying a windfall from Uncle Sam this month? Even if money's been tight this year, now's a good time to start getting into the spirit of giving. It's easy and it doesn't cost a lot.

When you begin giving freely, as if you'll always have enough and some to spare, you'll begin to be like a money magnet, attracting more wealth to you. Continue in this cycle of giving and receiving and soon, you'll know true wealth. Here are five easy ways to get started:

1. Pick up the tab. - Going to lunch with a friend? Forget all the complicated rules of who's supposed to pay, and foot the bill. If your friend protests or acts embarrassed, promise they can “get you next time,” or mention a small favor they did for you recently and tell them you “owe them one!”

2. Make an impulse purchase -- for someone else. Next time you see an amazing necklace or have a craving for a chocolate bar at the register, give in to the impulse -- but buy it for your best friend or your spouse. Just make sure it's something you know they'd like, too!

3. Tip generously. - Tipping 15 to 20% is standard in New York City, but different states have different baselines. Whatever is the high end of “acceptable” in your region, add a few more bucks. You'll put a smile on someone's face.

4. Make someone's goal. - People who run or walk marathons for charity, today, often use little donation-meters like the ones found at ChipIn, and they display their goal on the website along with how close they are to reaching it. Whether you're the first donor or the 51st, give them enough to reach their goal. It will either prompt them to set a higher goal, or more money will begin coming in because now they're able to relax and let the money flow toward them.

5. Make a clothing donation. - As you swap out your winter wardrobe for spring and summer clothing, take a look and decide what clothes you didn't wear all season, no longer fit, or you don't like anymore. Then make a donation, either through a clothing drop box or at a Goodwill store. Do the same with your kids' clothes, or donate them to someone you know who could use them. (People sometimes feel more comfortable taking clothes for kids, because they outgrow them so fast and they rarely get worn out.)

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