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Put an End to Anxiety

put anxiety to an end resized 600“Did I leave the stove on?”

“What if I'm late? I can't be late.”

“I hope the school nurse doesn't call.”

“There have been break-ins in our neighborhood; what if someone comes to my door?”

Does your inner voice provide you with an endless string of things to worry about? Why are you so worried? What if the above does happen?

That's the catch. It's very easy to rationalize worrying because of those rare times that we're right. But what we don't remember is the countless times we worry but everything turns out fine. And how the worrying prevents us from living in the present moment and enjoying life. It can also drive people away, since no one wants to listen to a chronic worrier.

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra notes in an article on Oprah's website, “...This obsessive behavior blocks deep insecurity by giving the mind a "solution" that feels convincing even though it is utterly false: the more I worry, the safer we will be.”

What's the solution?

Turning off that constant stream of worry by chastizing yourself won't help. When we tell ourselves things like “It's nothing to worry about,” our mind focuses on “worry,” and we continue with the behavior. It's time to get to the root of the problem, recognizing where anxiety comes from, to finally put an end to it.

Worriers Are Made, Not Born

Often, chronic worriers grow up in unstable homes. They are always waiting for the “next bad thing” to happen, because these are the patterns of their life. Perhaps their parents fight. Maybe they grew up in an abusive home. When things are okay, these children learn to view the quiet times as “the calm before the storm.”

So, when things are going smoothly as adults, they wait for something to go wrong. And they worry.

Quiet your mind by telling yourself you are perfectly capable of handling any situation. Remind yourself that anxiety is an emotion, and we can change our emotions with the decision to do so. Put your trust in yourself, and make a mental list of others you can trust in any situation. The only thing you don't trust is your own inner voice that's telling you to worry.

Worry and anxiety is a clear sign that we are not living in the moment or being our true self. When we find our true life purpose, we are thinking not of the past, or the future. And there's no room for worry in the present. We're in the present moment, we know what's happening... so there's no cause for worry.

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