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Keep Your Family Safe: Get Rid of these Hidden Killers in Your Kitchen

keep your kitchen safeThere are a lot of Feng Shui myths about what can cause misfortune in your kitchen. Don't display knives? That's a myth. But don't cook with your back to the door -- and if you have to, place a mirror over the stove.

Many real dangers in your kitchen have nothing to do with Feng Shui. Let's identify some dangers in your kitchen, and some things you may have thought were dangerous but are actually okay (under certain circumstances.)

Danger! Danger!

1. Dirty sponges - Just one look and you might draw the conclusion that a used kitchen sponge is harboring all sorts of bacteria -- and you'd be right. But there's an easy fix. Microwave your sponge for two minutes after use, and you'll get rid of most of those germs.

Since microwaves aren't good Feng Shui, though, you may have already tossed yours. If so, sanitize the sponge in boiling water mixed with a splash of vinegar for three minutes.

2. Store-bought cleansers (possibly even ones marketed as “green” kitchen cleaners!) cause a number of diseases, ailments and discomfort. Everything from cancer to migraines and allergies may be caused by the chemicals in many store-bought cleaners. And, because companies don't list ingredients on most products, you have no idea what you're really putting on surfaces.

“Green” products don't have to follow any regulations to label themselves as such -- and they can be pricey. Your best bet is to clean with all natural ingredients you find in your home. Cleaning experts say you can clean practically anything with three ingredients in different combinations: vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

3. Raw meat - With all the food sitting in there, including older leftovers, your refrigerator may also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Clean your fridge from top to bottom (using hot water or, for real messes, a solution of baking soda and water) every two weeks. But in the interim, minimize dangerous bacteria like salmonella by keeping raw meat separate from the rest of your foods -- and especially from fruits and vegetables that you won't cook before eating.

4. Tap water - Is the water in your home really safe? There have been no new standards set for contaminants in drinking water since 2001. Drinking water can contain chemicals such as chloroform and cyanide, in trace amounts, and still be considered safe to drink.

To be really safe, check with the Environmental Working Group to see what contaminants are in your home's drinking water, and then get a water filter specifically designed to filter out the most dangerous chemicals. You might also want to consider filtering out fluoride and heavy metals.

5. Microwave oven - I've pointed out that, because of the energy it emits, a microwave is considered bad Feng Shui. Evidence shows that older microwaves that are beginning to lose their seals may leak radiation. Just to be safe, don't stand directly in front of the microwave while you're waiting for your lunch to heat up.

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