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Gratitude: The Key to Everything

happinessStudies show that expressing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to increase your happiness. It's also a great way to make sure you're living in the moment and attracting abundance in every area of life.

When we express gratitude for everything we have -- and everything we want -- we send out powerful energy to the Universe and, the universe, acting in alignment with that energy, sends us even more to be grateful for.

But gratitude is not about “What's in it for me?” It's about showing appreciation for others. And one suggestion I have to do this is with a gratitude letter.

First, let's be clear: a gratitude letter is not a thank you note. Thank you notes are perfunctory, often forced and, frequently today, do not include any personalized message at all. Thank you notes are important to send, because even a small expression of gratitude is important and will make both the sender and the recipient feel good.

But a gratitude letter goes much further.

1. A gratitude letter should be sent for no special occasion at all. It should be a “just because” action.

2. A gratitude letter is always extremely personalized -- and personal. Outline all the reasons you are grateful for a specific person, what they contribute to your life, and what they mean to you.

3. A gratitude letter does not have to be sent or mailed to be effective (although it's awfully nice if you do send it.) If you believe the person you want to present with a letter of gratitude would be embarrassed by the gesture, or perhaps it's a superior at work and you're not sure how they would interpret it, simply writing the gratitude letter will provide you with the same emotional rewards. The person you write a letter of gratitude to may not even be living anymore -- what a great way to pay respects to someone that has passed on!

Who are the people you would like to write gratitude letters to? Why not do it right now?

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