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3 Steps to Finding Your Passion

live with passionEver since I was very young, I've been intrigued by the flow of energy through a space. I often re-arranged my bedroom furniture until it felt “just right” to me. But it took me many years, bouts of depression and financial ups-and-downs before I finally discovered my true life purpose.

Today, I get to live my dream as a Feng Shui consultant and change agent, helping people improve their lives by bringing their environment into alignment with their goals.

If living your dream feels out of reach to you, today, take heart. Whether you know what your passion is but haven't yet found a way to pursue it for an income, or you have many interests but don't know what your true passion is, you will get there.

Before I became a Feng Shui consultant and change agent for people across the world, I bought, sold  raced thoroughbred horses, worked as a broker on Wall Street and co-founded a retail brokerage firm, and worked as a marketing specialist.

It was only after I started studying with the world's greatest Feng Shui masters that I realized this was my life purpose, this was how I could help people the most, and make a real positive change in the world.

Where will you find meaning and fulfillment? If you're not sure where to start, take these three steps.

1. Take action, any action.  - Don't put pressure on yourself. Instead, pursue interests. (I'm sure you have many of those!) There's nothing at stake because it's just an interest or a hobby, something you're doing for fun. However, by taking action (rather than sitting around waiting for your dreams to come true) you are setting universal energy in motion that will assist you on your journey.

2. Patiently detach from the outcome. - Don't worry about whether or not this activity, or that one, will be “your passion.” Have fun, have faith, and let the Universe do the rest.

3. Have the confidence to recognize -- and pursue -- your passion when you discover it. - When you finally discover that one thing you love above all else, the thing you'd do for free if no one was willing to pay you, embrace it. Sometimes, pursuing your passion means taking chances. It could mean leaving a dead-end job, getting up early rather than sleeping in so you can pursue your goals, or making other sacrifices of time or money. Have the confidence that it will work out. And, if it doesn't, your free to take some other path toward your passion. Once you've gained that momentum, follow the chi -- it will guide you properly every step of the way.

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