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Are These Toxic People Draining Your Energy?

people drain your energyWe all face toxic people in our lives -- sometimes at home, sometimes at the office, even in professional organizations. But you don't have to let them drain your energy.

Recognizing a toxic person is the first step toward minimizing their impact on your life. Take a look at these three personalities. How many of these people are you letting affect your happiness?

The Dark Cloud - This Negative Nellie is far too prevalent in today's society. The risotto at that five-star restaurant wasn't creamy enough. The seats at the play were too far away. And nothing, of course, is ever her fault. It's as if she has a dark cloud of bad luck following her around -- but you don't have to get caught in the downpour, too!

Pointing out the positive rarely works with these types. You may try showing thanks for everything this person complains about, and your gratitude attitude will slowly sink in. If it doesn't, they probably won't want to be around you anymore. You're too happy for them.

The Support Vampire / Narcissist - This is one of the most dangerous types of toxic people, because, in spite of all her drama, she makes you feel needed and important. She's the friend who constantly calls with a crisis or conflict and needs your support, advice, ice cream... Whatever it takes to make her feel better. And remember, it is all about her.

It's hard to cut this type of person loose, so set a time limit on how long you'll listen to the whining. Then, invent an emergency or simply say, “I have to go.” If you're not in the mood to listen, avoid the person. When you stop dropping everything to give her what she wants, she'll find someone else who will cater to her every need and whim.

The Critic - This person behaves like the Negative Nellie, but it's even more toxic because the criticism is leveled directly at you. In its most mild form, it's annoying and can wreak havoc on your self-esteem if you don't have a good support system. At its worst, this type of behavior degenerates into an abusive relationship, where the abused person winds up cut off from other, supportive family and friends.

You cannot argue with this person because they will insist they are right and turn your arguments around on you. Then they will tell you the criticism is “for your own good,” and “wouldn't you rather hear it from me than a stranger?”

Don't believe a word the Critic says, because he is speaking from his own insecurities. You are better than that and you deserve a better friend or partner. If you need help to get away from a Critic, seek it out. There's no reason to let anyone convince you that you are less than you truly are!

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