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Lift Your Spirits with a List

lift your spiritI recently posted a list of some of my favorite feel-good quotes. Writing lists is a great way to organize your thoughts, gain insight into your feelings, and just feel good about life.

We've all heard about making a gratitude list to remember all the things you appreciate or a bucket list of all the things you want to do. The suggestions below go beyond the ordinary.

So toss your to-do list for now and start your day with one of these 10 feel-good lists to lift your spirits, instead.

1. Best gifts you've ever gotten - Nothing makes you feel more treasured and loved than thinking of all the wonderful ways people have shown their appreciation to you.

2. Best gifts you've ever given - If getting gifts feels good, giving them can feel even better. Use this list to spark gift-giving ideas when you're stumped, or just to feel happy and generous.

3. Your best mentors - Thinking about people who have influenced, inspired, motivated and mentored us attracts more of the same into your life. Plus, writing this list might inspire you to re-kindle old relationships, too.

4. Your greatest accomplishments, ever. - Start with being named “Student of the Week” in kindergarten and go all the way up to your latest promotion, and beyond. If you have a big task coming up and you need an extra boost in confidence, this is the list to write.

5. Things you'd like your children to know. - This can include family history, how you felt the day they were born or at different stages of their life, or even tips for your children (gleaned from your experience as a spouse and parent) as they continue their life journey. If you'd like, rather than simply penning a list, make a personalized video for each child to view at some later date and present it as a 16th, 20th, 25th or 30th birthday present. Make sure to record it in several different formats, including as an MP3 stored on the Web, so they'll be able to watch it in the future.

6. The best moments of your life. - Include on the list, of course, your wedding day and the day any children were born, but go beyond these moments think about the little things that meant a lot. Your first kiss. Passing your driving test. Graduation. Or that day just you and your Dad went to the movies and then had ice cream in the park. A happy life is made up of moments, after all, not just milestones.

7. Activities that energize you - Once you've written a list of all the things that inspire you, where you can really get in the zone and be excited about life, make it a point to do at least one thing on your list every day.

8. People who love you.

9. People you love.

10. Your favorite things - 'nuff said.

What sort of list would make you feel good today? Sit down and write it, right now.

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