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Stay Grounded: 7 Steps to Staying in the Moment

present momentI talk a lot about living in the present moment, simply being. But often, people ask me what that really means and how do you accomplish it? Being in the present moment is when you're not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You notice everything around you. You feel fully engaged in whatever you're doing.

At that point, time will start to disappear. Next time you look up, a lot of time may have passed, but it may have felt like mere moments to you. You are in the zone.

This happens often when we're doing things we love, that are in alignment with our true purpose. But, optimally, we begin to live our life in that state. When we are living most of the time in the present, stress and worries fade, we appreciate everything we have, and we are happier. With that positive energy surrounding us, it becomes even easier to attract everything we want in life.

Like any skill worth having, learning to live in the “now” takes practice, but I've discovered some activities that can help you become more grounded and bring you back to the present moment, even in times of stress.

1. Take a walk -- whatever the temperature is outside! Pay close attention to the sights, scents and feel of everything around you. Feel the cold air hit your skin, or feel the sunlight breaking through the winter sky.
2. Get lost in a good book.
3. Dance. Just dance.
4. Meditate. You can do this anywhere, at any time, to get truly grounded in the present time.
5. Take several deep breaths and focus on “your word.”
6. Take a power nap -- anything more than 20 minutes may leave you groggy.
7. Make a gratitude list.

Please share your experiences in the comments section. What do you do that helps you get grounded and return to the present moment?

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