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Single? 9 Valentine's Day Celebrations You'll Love

single valentines day resized 600Even if you're single and looking for romance, there's no reason to spend Valentine's Day moping. There's no need to gorge on dark chocolate (although a piece or two could be exactly what you need to raise your mood!) or Ben & Jerry's. Take a look at these ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day -- alone or with pals.

1. Celebrate love. - Valentine's Day, above all else and when you strip away the stark consumerism, is really a celebration of love. Start the day right by making three lists before you even get out of bed: one of all the people you love (don't forget to include your pets, too!), one of all the things you love, and one of all the things you love about yourself. I promise, by the time you're done, it will be impossible to feel depressed. Writing down the lists will be even more powerful, but mental lists work, too.

2. Set a new goal and take the first step toward accomplishing it. - Nothing cheers people up like forward momentum toward a worthy goal. Think about something you've always wanted to do, but always came up with a million excuses for not doing it. Then take that first step. Maybe that means attending Zumba class with a friend, or signing up for an adult ed. class to learn and new skill and eventually change careers. Whatever it is, it all starts with one step. (As a bonus, these are also great ways to get out and meet new people!)

3. Finish something you started -- or have wanted to start for a while. Whether it's losing those last five pounds after you gave up on your post-New Year's diet or organizing your kitchen pantry, tackle a task you've been putting off for too long.

4. Relax and indulge yourself. - If the two tips above sound like too much work at the moment, it may be time to take a day and indulge yourself. Take a personal day from work, unplug from the social networks and email, and do something you absolutely love. A day at the spa, a Netflix marathon, a long bike ride, a two-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Valentine's Day is all about indulgence, so why not take time to pamper the person who matters the most -- you!

5. Share the love. - Taking care of yourself is great, but you can also get an amazing boost of endorphins by helping others. Spend the day volunteering, make it a point to smile at everyone you see, or visit an older relative you don't get to catch up with very often. In other words, brighten someone else's day with your words and actions, and it will come right back to you ten-fold.

6. Throw a party. - Invite all your single pals over for a mid-week soiree. Feel free to make it an anti-Valentine's Day theme party, play horror movies, drink Black Russians and decorate with black balloons. Or go the other direction and celebrate Valentine's Day even though you're single. Fill the room with hearts, flowers and frilly pink stuff; Cosmos garnished with cherries make the perfect cocktail. However you decide to play it, your single's-only Valentine's Day party is the perfect way to celebrate everything you already have, including good friends.

7. Send Valentine's to pals. - Who says Valentines are only for romantic couples? Remember grade school when you sent cards to everyone in your class? Show your appreciation and affection for friends, family, and co-workers by sending cute little Valentine's to everyone you know. Don't forget the guy who does your hair and the lady at the dry cleaners!

8. Send a Valentine to yourself -- and make sure it's an expensive one! Take this one day to splurge on the gift you've always wanted but no one has ever bought for you. A new purse? Fine chocolates? Jewelry? Go for it. You deserve it.

9. Start a list of what you want out of romantic love. - Even as you celebrate your single-ness, it's important to stay focused on your goal of finding a partner, too. Take time to write a list of your must-have traits in a mate. Then, detach from the outcome and let the Universe begin to work its magic.

What Valentine's Day plans will you make to feel great?

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