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Switch it Up! Accomplish More in Less Time With this Easy Trick

change routine in your space resized 600Does your environment inspire you? Or does it leave you feeling distracted? Whether you work at home or in an office, there are days where you can't get anything done. Co-workers drop by your desk. You feel the urge to check your email or Facebook every 30 seconds.

If you're at home, maybe you hear the call of the refrigerator -- or the couch. Some days, it seems to be that there's always something blocking us from accomplishing our goals.

Sometimes, it's external factors that cause interruptions, but, even more frequently, it's ourselves. We aren't living in the moment and staying focused on achieving our goals. We're letting our mind -- and sometimes our body -- wander to other places. Rather than trying to fight it, this might be your secret weapon in the fight to be more productive. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

When I'm telling you, right now, to change your environment, I don't mean to re-align your living space so it fits your goals, as we'd work on in a Feng Shui consultation. I mean, quite literally, go someplace else to complete your work.

If you work in an office, ask your boss for a work-at-home day, or go to the local coffeehouse for a day of work if you can. If you work from home, the sky's the limit -- and you don't need permission. (This can work, too, if you're not actually working, but just completing tasks like correspondence, bills, or a particular hobby that you usually love but can't stay focused on.)

When we switch our surroundings, we're finding a different energy -- hopefully, an energy that helps us stay more focused. Maybe it's something in your space that's blocking you from focusing on your goals, and a new space helps. Or maybe you just need a change.

When we switch our routine (and working in the same place every day is a routine) we are bringing our mind back to the present moment. When we are truly living in the present, it's easy to focus on whatever we're doing.

So, just step out and get more done.  

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