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Freedom from Fear: 3 Steps to Living Your Best Life

3 steps for living your best lifeWhen we are afraid, we are not LIVING in the moment or following our true life purpose. When we feel fear, we let primal emotion take over, and it holds us back from all we could be and accomplish.

Some say we are at a TURNING point, right now, and have been for many decades. The feeling is growing stronger, and reaching more people. We are being called to live a more enlightened existence, release our fears, and move to the next stage of our evolution. Are you ready?

If you've been wondering for some time what's holding you back, I'm going to share the ANSWER with you right now.

It's fear. When we begin to experience the emotional sensation of FEAR, our breathing grows shallow and we can't get all the oxygen we need. Our body releases the stress hormone, and we perceive that we must fight or run away -- the fight or flight mechanism. This comes in handy when we face true danger that requires this response. But most of the threats we sense, in today's modern world, are imaginary. Fear is in our minds.

Many people have described fear with the acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. This is as good of a description as any other. Very few “real” threats exist for most people in today's world. Instead, we CREATE perceived threats and experience fear before something bad actually happens -- or before we even have compelling proof that something bad will occur.

I wrote about how fear and fright affect us physiologically. But right now, I'd like to focus on something more positive: the release of fear and all that we can accomplish when we finally liberate ourselves from fear. Being free of fear lets us achieve all our goals, live in a state of gratitude and happiness, become a money magnet, and send love out into the Universe so we will receive the same back. What could we accomplish if we were not afraid? Anything.

Three Steps Toward a Better Life

There are three steps you can take that will help you release fear from your life.

But don't be dishearted if you don't ACCOMPLISH it right away, or if fear keeps creeping back into your life. Just as, after losing weight on a diet you need to continue exercising and remaining conscious of your eating habits to keep the weight off, you must be vigilant about freeing yourself from fear.

Whenever you see fear creeping into your life, follow these three steps to embrace reality -- a reality free from fear. Each time you do this, you'll get better at it until it feels natural. The instances where you discover yourself afraid and need to go through this process will diminish.

At the same time, you'll find that without fear, you are more effectively accomplishing your goals and attracting everything you want into your life. Go ahead. Get started. What have you got to lose... except your fear?

Step 1. Live in the moment.

Many times, our fear arises because we project into the future situations that won't ever come to pass. Or we think about something that happened in the past and predict the same undesirable result in the future. If we are truly living in the moment, then we're not thinking about a future that hasn't yet occured or dwelling on a negative past. There's no room for fear in the present moment, because nothing in the present moment is endangering you. (Again, unless there is real and imminent danger, in which case, action is needed and it's even more important to stay in the present moment and deal with the danger in the best way possible.)

When you are living in the present moment, there is either no reason and no room for fear.

Step #2: Having a hard time staying present?

Face your fear and question why it's there in the first place. Let's go back to that phrase, False Evidence Appearing Real. Once you START to call your fear into question, you'll realize it's based on false evidence.

Let's imagine that you meet an attractive person who is a friend of a friend. You want to ask them out, but you're afraid. What are you afraid of? Rejection? What if they say no? So what if they do. You asked. Would it mean you're completely undesirable and destined to remain alone?

Absolutely not. Rejection has nothing to do with you. Maybe that person just got over a bad relationship and doesn't want to date. Maybe they had a bad day at work and are just in a lousy mood. Maybe they're too shy to accept a date! You don't know, but any of your thoughts of your own unworthiness are unsubstantial. It's not about YOU... except in your own mind, which is the only place your fear lives.

Once you start calling your fears into question, you'll see how UNTRUE these projections are.

Step 3: Let yourself feel the fear.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What we resist, persists?” If we resist our fear, it will only grow stronger. Trying to avoid it or ignore it doesn't work; it just makes it worse. Instead, let yourself feel the emotions. Again, be completely in the moment and present with your fear. Try breathing deeply to bring yourself into the present. Breathe through the fear. Let the fear flow through you... and out.

You'll realize you survived the emotion, the fear is gone, and you survived. Now it's time to accomplish your goals!

Your Next Step

Now that you have three tools to free yourself from fear, put it to action. Do the thing you fear the most, whether it's skydiving, public speaking or starting your own business. Each time we face fear -- in any context -- it weakens its grip on us.

Knowing we can face fear and survive, even thrive, our fears (all of them!) begin to diminish.

Remember, our coping mechanisms to liberate us from fear are like muscles... the more we use them, the stronger they grow. Take the steps to live an existence free from fear, where you can pursue and accomplish your goals and remain true to yourself.

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