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Feng Shui Your Walls for Love With These 3 Easy Tips

feng shui loveWhat we hang on our walls, from photographs to mirrors to artwork, says a lot about where we are and where we're placing our focus right now. If you're looking for true love, consider the message your home's decor sends to visitors (including romantic prospects) and to the Universe regarding your intention to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here are some easy, inexpensive Feng Shui steps you can take to put your focus and intention on finding true love, and to reflect that intention in your home's layout and decor:  

1. Does the artwork in your home represent people in solitude? When I entered one client's apartment for a New York City Feng Shui consultation, she had a big picture of Greta Garbo, the single Hollywood icon rumored to have declared “I want to be alone,” hanging in her dining room. Someone had purchased it as a gift for my client, but it did not reflect her desire to be in a relationship.

If you're seeking true love, make sure photos represent people in pairs or families. Avoid single people.

2. Select uplifting artwork - If looking at photos of other people in couples gets you depressed and only reminds you of what you lack, hang landscape photos or still-lifes that you enjoy, instead. Seek a sense of balance in whatever art you choose; be careful of choosing solitary objects that seem “lonely.” Be careful, too, of landscape photos depicting mountains. This imagery can lead to a sense of feeling blocked, while paintings of oceans or other open environments can be uplifting and inspirational.

3. Avoid displaying photos or mementos of ex-boyfriends. This seems obvious, but when pictures are in our home for a long time, we often don't notice them. They become a part of the background of our lives. Take the time to get rid of photos of exes (even if you parted on good terms.) You don't need the energy of the past weighing you down if you're really ready to find true love.

What will you add, remove or cherish in your space for romance?

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