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Is Your Home Keeping You Single?

feng shui single relationship resized 600Right now, as you're reading this (if you're at home) take a few moments to look around your house or apartment and consider if you would be comfortable sharing it with another person. Of course, our homes should reflect our personality and taste. But is your house so uniquely yours that it seems to say you don't have the space in your life for a significant other?

If you're interested in finding a soul mate, your home should reflect this. One red flag that your home could be keeping you from finding a boyfriend or girlfriend is if your space is too masculine or too feminine. If your home's chi has a strong sense of masculine or feminine energy, you may want to tone it down by introducing elements that represent the opposite gender.

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad?
Instance, if a leather couch and dark earth tones give your home a masculine energy, considering softening it with lighter colors and softer textures. You don't have to pack up that 50-inch flat screen and home theater set-up with the giant subwoofers. But consider a few gender neutral or even feminine elements in artwork, throw pillows or other items. In the master bedroom, reds and pinks can soften an otherwise masculine room and help encourage romance.  Fresh cut flowers or fresh fruit in the home can also add a feminine touch without being overtly “girly.”

Too Feminine?
If your home still contains your doll collection from your youth and is decorated in pinks and purples with stuffed animals all around, consider packing up some of these toys (especially if they were given to you by ex-boyfriends) and adding some elements to make the space more “grown up.” Consider adding candles in scents like cinnamon, sandalwood, licorice or cucumber, which are said to appeal to men in particular. You want your home to be a space where anyone can feel comfortable.

What items could you remove or replace to help make your home support your relationship goals and desires? Leave a comment below.

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