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Feng Shui's Modern Master On The Cover of OM Times Magazine

Ken Lauher Om Times resized 600Nearly two years ago, I came into contact with Liane Legey of OMTimes. I immediately connected on a very spiritual level with both Liane and the publication. I began writing for the magazine's OMStyle column on first a monthly, then bi-monthly, basis. To say it's been an honor to be associated with this publication since its inception would be an understatement; I love being able to expand my reach in this way and help even more people change their lives with Feng Shui.

I was even more honored when Liane approached me recently to be featured on the cover of the Dec. 1, 2011 edition of OMTimes. Inside this issue of OMTimes, you'll find videos showing, first-hand, just how I help people change their lives and achieve their dreams with Feng Shui.

You'll get a peek into the homes of actual clients, and see how I sense the energy of a space and recommend changes the home's residents can make to bring their environment into positive alignment with their goals and their true-self.

Announcing the Ultimate Feng Shui Makeover

This digital issue of OMTimes also marks the official international launch of my Ultimate Feng Shui Makeover Package. As a gift to someone you love or for yourself, this affordable package lets virtually anyone experience the benefits of a one-on-one Feng Shui consultation with me. It's packed with everything you need to use Feng Shui to change your life, including a 90-minute, recorded phone consultation and an opportunity for follow-ups as you make progress toward the life of your dreams.

OMTimes December - A Must Read!

Hop on over to our good friends at OMTimes to check out the cover story and videos, and enjoy everything else this digital publication has to offer, as well. You'll find tips for aging gracefully, advice on how to weather any storm, and you'll learn why authenticity is the key to greater spirituality, fulfillment and success. Finally, get Feng Shui tips on how to make the most of your holiday season in my OMStyle column.

Once again, I just want to express my gratitude toward Chris Buck, Liane Legey and the rest of the OMTimes staff for this recognition and coverage.

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