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Feng Shui Relationship Advice: The Love Stories Our Homes Tell

relationship adviceI often talk about the stories our homes or apartments tell -- how our space can reveal insight about what's really important to us, how we are living right now, and what changes we may need to make to our mindset and our living space in order to begin to live our best life.

I consult for many clients whose homes or apartments reveal secrets about their love life. Here are three examples.

1. Too many shoes create a runaway bride. - One New York City woman was having challenges finding a man. When I provided a Feng Shui consultation for her New York City apartment, I noticed the romance trigram of her master bedroom was filled with dozens of boxes of shoes. There may have even been 100 pairs! After talking with her, I discovered that she often found something wrong with a potential partner after just one or two dates, and would quickly “walk away” from the relationship.

I recommended that she move the shoes to a different closet, and instead, place something that showed her desire to find a man in the romance trigram. She selected a few anchoring objects. A short time after, she did find a guy that she fell in love with and later married.

2. Clutter in the master bedroom cause married couple to neglect each other. - Life gets busy and it's often hard to keep up with housework. Since the master bedroom is reversed for you and your spouse and no one else sees it, it's often the last to get cleaned or decorated nicely. Clutter, books, piles of laundry and even mail can build up in this room.

If your master bedroom is neglected, your love life or your relationship may be, as well. Consider treating your bedroom -- and your marriage -- as the sanctuary that it should be by getting rid of the clutter and keeping the room tidy. You may notice a different in your quality of sleep and your interactions with your spouse.

3. Love letters and photos from old relationships could mean clinging to the past. - If your home, and specifically, your master bedroom, is filled with old photos of past relationships, love letters, stuffed animals that were gifts, and other mementos, you may not be leaving room to welcome a new love into your life. These items don't represent who you are today, and the past energy they're giving off could be preventing you from meeting the right person to share your life with.

Do any of these situations seem familiar to you? What stories is your home or apartment revealing about your thoughts on finding a soul mate? Can you make changes that may help you find a guy or girl?

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