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3 Feng Shui Tips for a Romantic Dinner Out

3 Feng Shui Tips for a Romantic Dinner Out resized 600The perfect romantic dinner, ideally, can end with breakfast the next morning. If you're dating with the intention to find a spouse, you're looking for a partner that you can connect with on every level. Conversation should flow freely, and the time should just fly when you're together.

You can use Feng Shui during a romantic dinner -- in the home or in a restaurant -- to help your companion feel comfortable. Follow these tips when you're dining out.

1. Atmosphere is everything - First, select a restaurant with overall positive Feng Shui and good chi -- not too active, but not dead. You'll want to assess the restaurant's front entrance:

- Is it open and inviting?
- Is it clean?
- Do the scents make you want to come inside and order?
- Is the staff friendly the moment you walk in the door?

Take a look at the seating:

- Is it overcrowded?
- Does it look comfortable?
- Is there a spot you and your date can have quiet conversation, or is the restaurant bustling with family activity that may not be suitable for a romantic evening?

2. Choose the right table - Don't be afraid to request a specific area of the restaurant or even a specific table. Look for a spot where you and your partner can both see the door, but not be directly in line with it, ideally. If one of you must sit with your back to the door, let your date take the better seat, facing the door.

3. Order food that will help you feel your best - Choose lighter fare that won't make you feel tired or bloated after the meal. Begin with a salad or light appetizer to help fill you up. Avoid pasta or anything in heavy sauces. Many fruits and vegetables are known aphrodisiacs. Also, you can use Feng Shui to order a well-balanced meal of many colors. And red food, according to Feng Shui principles, is good for your heart, as well as for romance. Go ahead, order the lobster!

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