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Black Friday Sales? Unlock the Money In Your Own Home with Feng Shui

black friday saleEverywhere you turn recently you see advertisements for super-low-cost electronics, toys, and holiday gifts. Taking advantage of sales is a great way to stretch your dollars -- but what if I told you that you can use Feng Shui to literally unlock the money in your own home?

It's all about creating a home or apartment that welcomes opportunities. Yes, you can even use Feng Shui to find the best Black Friday sales. Here are a few tips to use Feng Shui to increase your opportunities for both income and savings.

1. Consider your wealth corner. - If your wealth corner seems to accumulate “dead” or stagnant chi, a live plant, Chinese Feng Shui money tree or a small tabletop water fountain can activate that space. Whatever you place there -- or if you choose to leave the space empty but re-arrange other furniture to permit the chi to circulate there -- do it with a strong intention of accumulating wealth and you'll see powerful results.

3. Go ahead, buy that new flat screen TV, iPhone or whatever else will make you feel wealthy (especially if you can get a great deal). - When we surround ourselves with things we love and things that create a sense of wealth, we feel rich and in turn, attract more wealth to us. Sometimes, very inexpensive items can make us feel wealthy and that's great. If you find a pricier item you've wanted for a long time at a very low price, that to, creates feelings of good fortune. I'm not implying that we should seek status symbols or base our own value on the items we own. But it's easier to live in an abundant state of mind when we are surrounded by things we treasure and enjoy.

3. Watch your debt. - It's hard to create feelings of wealth if you're hounded by bill collectors or facing mountains of debt. Keep track of your finances this holiday and don't charge more than you can easily pay off. Avoid missing payments by having a single spot for all your bills or even setting up automatic payments or electronic statements.

Will you be taking advantage of the Black Friday Sales?

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