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3 Feng Shui Ways to Increase Your Income with Gratitude This Thanksgiving

give thanks for thanksgivingDo you have the year-end budget blues? Are you determined to make this the year that you live in abundance, with more than enough to meet your material needs, support the charities that matter to you, and give freely (of your time and money) to friends and family?

Thanksgiving marks a holiday where we celebrate the harvest and bounty. You can increase your income by making Feng Shui changes to your home, and it begins with celebrating the bounty all around you. Follow these three tips right now to become a money magnet and attract all the abundance you desire.

1. Evaluate your stove and kitchen. - In Feng Shui, our stove represents how we receive our sustenance and, as such, it can represent both our health and our wealth. Symbolically increase the volume of the food you cook for your family by placing mirrors around your stove -- on the backsplash and to the side of your stove. Don't cook? It's time to start. If you barely boil water through the year you may not want to start cooking by hosting Thanksgiving dinner. But make a commitment to use your stove at least once a day, whether it's for a cup of tea or a family dinner.

2. Remember to be grateful -- now and all through the year. Most families begin Thanksgiving dinner with some form of saying grace or expressing gratitude for the food they have. But this is a good year-round practice. Enroll children in the process by asking them what they are most grateful for today.

3. Give with no expectations. - The holiday season provides  plenty of opportunities to donate to food pantries, charity organizations, or even those sidewalk Santas ringing bells for donations to the Salvation Army. Give a little bit every once in a while with no expectation of anything in return. Helping others is a great pick-me-up to start or end your day. Consider spending one day working with a local charity. You'll be forever changed by the experience.

What step can you take today to show gratitude for everything you have and are about to recieve?

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