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How To Use Feng Shui to Find Romance Without Looking

find love with feng shuiAre you tired of hearing people say, “You'll find romance once you stop looking for it”? Often, people seem to imply that, without your taking any action at all, the perfect partner will fall from the sky the second you shift your focus away from finding true love.

That's not the case, as you know, because the Universe sends us what we're focused on. We must set our intention and pursue our goals. But if we look at it another way, we can see the truth. When we “stop looking” for romance, it means we're taking action and then having faith that the Universe will provide what we want and need. Here's a more accurate way to phrase it: “You'll find romance when you take action without being tied to the outcome.”

Avoid Worry and Fear by Disengaging from the Outcome

When we tie ourselves, emotionally, to the outcome of any endeavor, we open the door to let worry and fear block us from what we want. Success begins, first, with belief in our success. We can't say, “I believe this first date will turn into true love,” but then think, in the back of our mind, “What if it doesn't?” These conflicting emotions will push possibilities away.

We can approach a date without being committed to the outcome. We can have faith that the outcome will be as we desire. Then, we're able to relax and have more fun. We'll find ourselves entering that zone where things come easily. We'll present our best self, and be more in tune to make a better connection with a potential partner.

Meditate and Visualize Your True Love

Before a first date, take time to meditate and visualize the evening going exactly as you'd like it to, right down to the ending kiss (or not!) and plans to see each other again. Then, leave your home with the belief and expectation that what you visualized will come to pass. Let it go and have faith that it will -- you don't have to struggle or work to make it happen.You've done your part. You've already taken action by setting the date, looking your best and leaving your home. Now it's time to put your faith in the Universe that it will go as it should.

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