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Feng Shui Basics: Are You A Guest In Your Own Home?

feng shui entranceEveryone has a few unfulfilled dreams, along with small things we'd like to do on an everyday basis that we just never seem to find the time for.

We tend to really shine in whatever area of life we focus on -- for some people, that's career.

For others, kids. For some, a new relationship. But when we're honed in on a single objective, we sometimes forget other activities that would make us happy.

One thing I see a lot in clients' homes and apartments are items and clothes that go unused -- sometimes purchased and still in the original packaging.

Or even plastic still over the lamp shades from when they were at the store. These items often represent things we'd like to make time to do, but don't.

Instead, we wind up living in a home or apartment that's somewhat unfulfilling and doesn't represent our true self.

Feng Shui Candles for Spirituality

For instance, when I recently went to one client's home,  I discovered beautiful scented candles on the coffee table, still sealed and wrapped. I asked her if she liked candles and liked burning them. She said yes.

I suggested she open the candles and then light them in the evening for relaxation. Well, that simple act of taking time to just open the candles and then sitting and relaxing, enjoying her private space, paved the way to more spiritual thoughts and energy.

As she set herself in that spiritual frame of mind, she began attracting other spiritual people in her life. She feels calmer and happier.

In Her Own Words

Following the Feng Shui consultation, my New York City client mentioned: “I sit at the table and light the candles now, something as simple as that has made a big change. And Ken's very tuned in to these kinds of changes.

When you absorb the recommendations of people who are tuned in and have expertise, you begin creating a certain frame of mind within yourself. Then you begin drawing the right people to yourself, which helps you maintain that frame of mind. It's a positive cycle.”

Today, take a moment to look around your home to see what you can do to start living with your space rather than being a guest in your own home. Leave what you see and some of your action items in the comments section below as I would love to hear from you.

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