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Feng Shui Colors To Become the Life of Every Party

feng shui wardrobe colors for partyIf you want to find true love, it may take meeting a lot of people until you find a man or woman you want to share your life with. You can improve the odds of meeting your soul mate by dressing in the right colors next time you go out to a party or any social gathering.

The Chi of Feng Shui Colors

Every color has a specific energy, or chi, tied to it. We can dress in colors that enhance our personal chi, or in colors that represent the traits we want to attract. There are even specific Feng Shui colors that will help make people like us at the next party. Being likeable and attractive is the first step to find true love.

Dress in these colors to be the life of the next party and find a man or woman.

Peach - Peach is a fun-loving color that will attract people of the opposite sex to you. Lighter peach can give an almost-nude effect as a skin tone color and is very sexy. Bright peach is fun and vibrant and wearing it will lift your personal chi.

Beige - Like very light peach, beige offers a sexy, almost-naked look on a woman that will cause others to look twice.

Red - Red is vibrant, confident, and very sexy! There's a reason it's the color of romance. If you have an angry or combative personality, avoid red. Otherwise, flaunt it with a red dress or, guys, a red shirt or a red tie!

Rainbow colors - Very effective in sales, rainbow colors appeal to people with all types of chi. And when you're looking to find true love, you're definitely “selling” yourself to potential partners. If you aren't comfortable wearing rainbow colors so that they are visible, wear something in all different colors of the rainbow under your clothes.

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