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Feng Shui To Find True Love: Is What You Say You Want in a Romantic Partner Really Want You Want?

Find soul mateA recent article in the Financial Times talks about a new algorithm employed by Match.com that is designed to match users with more suitable mates based on their online activities at the dating site, rather than solely based on their profile responses.

The theory is that what people say they want and what they really want often doesn't match. You can use Feng Shui to determine if this is what you're doing to block true love from your life.

One way to do this is to make a list of all the traits you desire when you find a soul mate. Write down everything from physical appearance to personality traits to the job they hold. Then write down some of the characteristics of people you've dated recently.

Are you truly attracting what you want in a mate? Why didn't it work out with these people? Did you realize they didn't possess the traits you desire? Or perhaps these people are closer to what you want in a partner than you realize. Only you know the answer. But your home can also reveal some hints.

Feng Shui to Find True Love

Look around your home or apartment. Evaluate your furniture, the layout of the rooms, the items you display, even your wardrobe. Do they all reflect the type of partner you want? Or do they reflect the people you've been dating? Or worse, is your home or apartment not in line with your dating efforts at all?

The first step to find a soul mate is to decide exactly what you want. Your actions, then, should begin to match these traits. Make small changes in your home to begin to bring your home into alignment with your desires, and you'll create a positive cycle where your actions reflect your home, and the other way around. With all this positive energy around you, all devoted to attracting the partner of your dreams into your life, you'll start seeing results fast!

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