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Feng Shui Weight Loss: Lose Weight by Changing Your Mindset and Letting Go of the Past

feng shui weight lossFeng Shui for weight loss can help you improve your not only how you look but also how you feel.
This can create massive shifts in the way you think and the way you make decisions.
Here is a recent example of how a Feng Shui client used Feng Shui to help with her weight loss and transform they way she experiences her space and life.
When Merrill, a retired New York City teacher, called me for a Feng Shui consultation, she had a few goals. She had already begun to lose weight, but she wanted to improve those efforts and help ensure the weight didn't come back.

Also, she had called me previously to help make her former apartment feel like home. She wanted those same touches in her new space. Her new apartment already had several good points as it relates to Feng Shui principles.

1. It is right near flowing water and overlooking Battery Park.

2. It has a wide open, spacious entrance and lots of natural light, which would help invite opportunities into Merrill's life.

3. It had overall positive energy that I sensed the moment I stepped into the apartment, even amidst all the moving boxes.

Letting Go of Old Items

One of the things I recommended to Merrill was to shed old baggage, and especially old items. She had an old piano she'd received as a gift from her grandparents; she used to play when she was a little girl.

She got rid of the piano, creating space in the home and also shedding that image of herself as a little girl. “It was sentimental,” she said, “but it was also representative of my being that little girl, which is not necessarily good for me.”

The couch she had was too large for the room, so she gave it to her adult son for his home.

It's good for the environment and good Feng Shui when we can re-use and recycle items, but not hold on to things that don't match the person we are today. “Letting go of certain things in our past,” Merrill says, “is almost like letting go of the weight. It doesn't do us any good to hold on.”

Using Feng Shui in your home can put you in a certain state of mind where you begin to really consider what items in your home mean to you, and how they might be holding you back.

Merrill felt “lighter” after getting rid of certain possessions that no longer fit the woman she is today, and that frame of mind is helping her keep the weight off, as well, as she continues to look toward the future rather than holding on to the past. Today, she is 50 pounds lighter and has a brighter outlook on life, her space and her inner peace.

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