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Feng Shui Relationship Guide: Be Specific About What You Want

feng shui relationship guideIn a recent post, I offered advice on love, sharing the steps to visualize your perfect mate and the feelings being with that person will evoke in order to find true love.

But in order to do this with the best results, it's important to not only picture exactly what you want in a romantic partner, but to write it down.

To get started, begin making a list of all the traits you desire in a partner. Remember, aim high! Don't settle. Even if your dream partner seems unattainable right now, he or she won't be for long, as you work on developing your confidence and believing you will find the exact person you desire.

When you begin making a list of traits, think about different areas that are important to you. Begin with:
- Personality traits
- Physical appearance
- Geographic location/where he lives
- Career/Income level
- Kids? No Kids?
- Religious and political beliefs/leanings
- Overall disposition (humorous, upbeat, positive, pensive, etc.)

You can see this covers nearly everything that makes up a person. Soon, you will even begin to see an image of this person form in your mind.

A Vision Board in the Romance Trigram

You may want to create a vision board that includes symbols of specific traits, words, or even photos of someone you believe might represent your ideal lover.

Have fun putting together your vision board. Take time to look for the perfect photos or stickers or draw out words and items yourself if you feel artistic. Manifesting the objects to fill your vision board is the first step toward attracting them to you.

It's a good idea to keep your vision board in one of the Romance/Marriage trigrams of your home, when you lay the Feng Shui Ba Gua map over your home or apartment. As a reminder, the Romance trigram is located in the back right corner of a home, apartment, room or yard when you stand at the front door or front of the property and look in.

I wouldn't be surprised if, after coming up with a clear picture in your mind and then finding a photo that matches, you meet that exact person, or someone very close. Feng Shui and visualization, together, are just that powerful!

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