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The 5 Feng Shui Principles That Unlock Incredible Breakthroughs In Your Business, Relationships & Life...

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Feng Shui To Find True Love and Make More Money

find true loveWe can use Feng Shui in our lives to create opportunities. Action typically precedes results. Feng Shui is not magic (although it can certainly feel magical when we start seeing results quickly after just a very small amount of effort and intention!) Feng Shui is about bringing our environment into alignment with our desires, sending powerful signals to the Universe that we intend to achieve our goals. That's when things start happening.

Feng Shui Your Front Door to Find True Love and Fortune

So, if Feng Shui is about creating opportunities, and our front door welcomes opportunities into our life, what can we do to strengthen this relationship? Just as, if we place our focus on too many things at once, we might do “okay” at everything, but not great at anything, treating more than one entrance as our home's main entrance can dilute our opportunities. We'll attract a little bit of everything into our lives , but not a lot of what we really want.

Instead, concentrate on using your front door to welcome guests and residents alike. Use Feng Shui principles to make sure your home's front entrance is bright, open and airy. And, most importantly, make sure the door opens a full 90 degrees so the chi can flow freely.

Use Your Front Entrance Every Day

As you prepare your front door for everyday use, keep your goals and your intention planted firmly in your mind. You might consider a meditation or affirmation that reinforces your goals and the type of opportunities you want to welcome.

Whether you want to find true love and romance, or attract financial opportunities for wealth, or friendship, laughter and happiness into your home (all admirable goals), it begins with your front entrance.

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