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How Find Your Feng Shui Love & Relationship Corner

In Feng Shui, you have a love or relationship corner or area within your home and your bedroom. Understanding where the relationship area is located within your home can help you gain clarity and insight into what be happening within your love life or lack thereof. 
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Helping a person find love or improve an existing relationship is one of the top reasons why people incorporate Feng Shui.
In spite of all that's been written and taught on the topic, the aspect of Feng Shui that people tell me they find most confusing is the Feng Shui ba gua.

Understanding the ba gua is one of the first steps toward using Feng Shui to create positive change in your life and begin living the life of your dreams.

Let's start simple, with something you can use right away: Where is the romance trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua?

If you are interested in strengthening romantic bonds or attracting love into your life, this is where you want to place your focus. But how do you find it?

To find any area of the ba gua, stand at your home's front entrance (if you live in an apartment, this is the entrance to your specific unit, not your building) and look in.
The romance and marriage trigram is located in the back right-hand corner (stage right) as you face the room. It is on the same wall, yet opposite, the wealth trigram.
Feng Shui Relationship Corner

Tips for Using the Feng Shui Ba Gua

Even if you use another entrance (such as a side entrance or the garage) more frequently, lay out the ba gua using your home's main entrance as the reference point.

2. When you lay the Feng Shui Ba Gua over your home, do not count space such as screened in porches or the garage as part of your home's main layout. (Although you can lay the ba gua, separately, over your garage or any other room in your home).

3. To lay the Feng Shui Ba Gua over your property (front yard or both) line up your front property line with the front three trigrams of the Ba gua.

To learn more about how to locate the different areas in your home or apartment using the Ba Gua, visit here.

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