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Feng Shui Fire Element Tips To Add Passion to Your Marriage or Relationship

feng shui fire element romance resized 600In Feng Shui, the fire element can be added to heat up the passion of a relationship or marriage. The Fire Element can increase the intensity in your love life or help attract love and romance if you are single. 
Encouraging chi to enter the romance trigram of your home is a good first step toward attracting romance in your life. But what if you're looking for something more?
If you want to increase the passion in your current romance, or find a new, passionate romance, consider activating positive chi using the fire element.

The Feng Shui Color Red

Red, as we know, is the color of love. Chinese wedding gowns are red, not white, since this color is also said to bring good fortune. Red is also associated with the fire element.

Consider adding red objects to your romance trigram or your fame & recognition trigram (the very back center of a home, apartment or room), since this trigram is associated with the element of fire.

You can also use an object that is symbolic of fire -- something that gives you the sense of warmth of passion -- or actual fire in the form of candles. A pair of red candles placed in your romance corner can really set your love life on fire!

Too Much of a Good Thing

Be careful of incorporating too much red in your home, especially in the master bedroom. This color generates a lot of highly active chi. Mis-used, it can cause a home's residents to fight, become angry too easily, or, in the master bedroom, it can prevent a good night's sleep. Red should be used as an accent color only in the bedroom and kitchen. Since the kitchen contains the stove, it already has a strong fire element.

Balance the Chi

Good Feng Shui is about balancing the elements to attract what you desire in your life. If your romance could use a little spice, the fire element and the color red can help.

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